Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Orange Mud Hydraquiver Single Barrel - Review

Disclaimer:  I received the Orange Mud Hydraquiver Single Barrel hydration vest as part of being a BibRave Pro.  
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Currently, I am deep in marathon training.  Now that I am entering week 12,  the long runs are becoming more frequent.  Anyone who knows anything about running knows that hydration and fuel are absolutely imperative to successful training.  This is my very first marathon so I am learning all new tricks to making sure I have the most successful first marathon I possibly can. 

Before I was given the opportunity to test out the hydraquiver, I was using a hydration belt that sits on my hips.  It had been handy and it was getting the job done.  I was able to carry water and it had a small pocket to carry a credit card and my iphone 5.   One major problem however; the constant shifting!  In a shorter run of 6-10 miles, I would have to adjust the belt off my waist several times.  I have the belt strap adjusted to the tightest length and I'm still bouncing that belt high up on my waist. It's gets uncomfortable and annoying having to worry about how long I will run until I have to shift the belt down again on my hips.  

After receiving the Orange Mud Hydraquiver, all of that shifting and hassle has been eliminated!

This is the snazziest hydration vest pack!  First of all!  It's PINK!  I know, I know.... it's Orange Mud you say?  Why did you stray from the orange and black?  I love the fact that they had a pink one.  I think it opens the market for more women to love this pack!  If for no other reason than because of it's color alone!

The single barrel is a 25 oz. bottle that fits nicely in it's own holder and is accessible while running.  The only inconvenience for me was the action it required for me to drink.  When I reach my hand back to grab the water, my hand is essentially upside down.  When I bring the bottle back forward I then have to flip it up again to drink.  It really just requires a bit of practice, but clumsy me has dropped it mid-run.  This would not deter me from purchasing one and I certainly would not stop using it.  However, it may deter someone who wants as little distraction as possible while running.  Practice makes perfect and with marathon training there is a lot of time to practice!  Who knew that drinking water on the run could be so tricky?!?

A huge perk with this hydration system is the storage space.  I can literally fit my entire hand into the pocket on the back.  See the photo below.  I actually have even more space in this pack than what is obvious in this picture.  This zipper-pouch is a great place for all of your gear, ie: keys, ID, money, cell phone, extra fuel etc.

I'm also loving the pouches on the front.  They are conveniently located on the front shoulders of the vest on each side.  They fit gels and chews very well, with more than enough space to spare. You can stuff at least two packs of chews into each pocket.  It's definitely more than enough fuel to get you through your long runs.  Insider tip:  I would keep your chews in the bag that it comes in but with the bag open.  I have run with chews both out of the bag and in the bag and they have less opportunity to fall out on the run when they are in the bag as opposed to loose in the pouch on the hydraquiver.  I have yet to try gels, which seem easier to me, but I'm cautious to try anything new before race day.

Another function of these shoulder pockets is their ability to hold a smaller phone. They stretch nicely, so my Iphone 5 fit right in!  There is a small opening in the back that your headphone cord will fit into as well for easy access!  If you look closely, you can see that in the picture above!

All in all, this pack is a WINNER!  It will definitely go the distance in with my marathon training!
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  1. I love the hot pink :) I actually ordered a double barrel I returned. I am too short I guess to reach the bottles the way the double one sat, but from the looks of the pic the single may be an easier grab.
    I love that your hips are free!

    1. That's too bad. I found that if you tighten the straps the bottle slides up but I can see how you would need longer arms and a bit of coordination!

  2. That was my first thought: would I be able to reach over my shoulder to grab the bottle?? But you're right. Practice makes perfect. I've only ever used a waist Fuel Belt and a handheld (which I hate for long runs). Maybe this would be a good Fuel Belt alternative.

    1. You might like it! I don't think I'd like the handheld either. I have knuckle lights that I love for the dark runs. I find though that when I run, my hands are now stuck in the position if I'm holding them! Does your hand do that from your handheld? :)

  3. The bottle height is adjustable, with the velcro strap under the bottle. I have to move the bottle depending on which Buff or head phones I might have on.