Tuesday, June 30, 2015

100 Miles x TWO!

Me trying to capture a running selfie! :) 

This month I accomplished another 100 miles!  The 2nd month in a row!  June clocked at 101.29 miles to be exact!  In May I ran an extra one mile to achieve the milestone month! I couldn't be happier! I'm not sure where the obsession of getting 100 miles or more each month came from but it sure is fun to try and do and it keeps me accountable for my workouts!

Confession Tuesday:  I used to hate running.  I used to look at runners and think "How can they do this?" The girls that I run with everyday have been faithful runners for YEARS... I used to think that they were CRAZY!!  How could anyone WANT to get up at 4:45 am to workout.... let alone run?

Well... I'm that girl.  5AM is my time.  It's really the only time I can run guilt free and there are still mornings that I worry the kids will be destroying the house when I get home at 6AM.  Running makes me feel alive!  I see beautiful sunrises and get caught up on my girlie chit-chat... that is when I'm not sucking wind or swallowing my early morning breakfast of bug omelets!

Today I tried to take a running selfie to document my achievements!  It's pretty good I think, although the quality could be better! :)  My mailbox served as my "hand."  I'm loving the way running is sculpting my legs because lord knows with the way I eat, my abs aren't anywhere to be found. :)

Have you achieved any milestones for running?  Do you have a certain about of mileage you strive for every month?

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Blank Stare

It's been a while since my last post.  I haven't had a lot of "running" material that I felt like writing about.

This weekend I was with my family in Wisconsin.  All of them non-runners.  Besides my family and work obligations, running truly consumes me. And, I LOVE it.  My Facebook feed and Instagram feeds are full all day long of daily inspiration and friends whom I've met through running.  If I'm on my phone browsing... chances are it's getting a glimpse of others lives on social media or reading an article on running.

My husband is supportive (because he has to be.  j/k) but even he teases me and says things like " oh, because you're a runner"... or, "only a runner would understand that " as he uses his fingers to make the quote signs.  But really - he's kidding and I do know that. Nonetheless, he still teases me.

My sister asked how my running was going and I was so excited to talk about my weekly schedules, my early morning, my weekly mileage, my races coming up, my running friends... the list goes on.  Actually, I was so consumed with talking about my passion I forgot to even really LOOK at her facial expressions. By about minute five of my rant I had the dreaded running "blank-stare."  If my husband would have been close to me, I would have gotten the husband stomp from under the table.  Oh... you're not familiar with the husband stomp?  That's when he steps on your foot to get you to stop rambling on.  I talk... and I talk a lot!  I like to think that's part of my appeal! :)  ha!

Anyway, just thought this was funny.  Have you ever lost someone mid-conversation because of a running talk?