Saturday, October 14, 2017

It's FUN on the RUN in a BOX!

Disclaimer:  I received the FUN RUN BOX to use and review as part of being a BibRave Pro.  Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave 
to review, find and write race reviews.

Fall in Minnesota is a time when we embrace fall colors, colder temperatures, nearly perfect running weather and beer.  You can imagine my excitement when I got to test out the month of September's FUN RUN BOX with an Oktoberfest theme!  September's box theme was 5 mile Dachs and it had beer themed goodies! How cool is that?  

What is a FUN RUN BOX?  Just like the slogan - ' running motivation - delivered ' that's what this box has!  If you're someone who likes to compete virtually with others and get extra motivation for weekly challenges than you'll love this box!  

What makes the FUN RUN BOX different than other subscription boxes is the support and motivation that you receive when the box is delivered.  Be sure to join the private Facebook group too for others around the country that will be doing the challenge with you!   

For this box, I was on Team Doxie.  If you look at the picture below, you'll see the information on how to participate to win extra prizes and gain extra motivation.  Each week, there are new running tips, so this box appeals to not only beginner runners but also experienced runners!  Also, if you post a creative picture with one of the products you receive AND use the given hashtags, you are eligable to win a team prize too! 

In this Oktoberfest box I received: 
  •  Headsweats "5 Mile Dachs" Soft Trucker Hat
  • Themed Black Short Sleeve Running Shirt
  • Travel Roller
  • Regrained Honey Cinnamon IPA Granola Bar
  • Beer Flavored Jelly Belly Beans
  • Race Bib
  • Dachs dog shaped magnet
  • Challenge instructions

It was full of great goodies.  Plus!! I was very intrigued with the beer flavored jelly beans and they were delicious!  What a great novelty gift! I'm almost sad I ate them!  

I would have to say that my favorite things in this box were definitely the jelly beans and the technical shirt!  The shirt is a women's cut, true to size and it fit great!  And, of course it performed very well when I completed my 5 mile virtual challenge run!

5 Mile Dachs Challenge at 5am!  Go TeamDoxie!

If you want to try a box for yourself, use code "BIBRAVE" for 15% off any box!  Plus,  make sure to join us as we talk all things FUN RUN BOX at our twitter chat on Tuesday, October 17th, 8PM CST.  Search BIBRAVE and the hastag #bibchat for details!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Compression done RIGHT! SKINSA400 Compression Pants Review

Disclaimer:  I received SKINS Compression A400 to use and review as part of being a BibRave Pro.  Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave 
to review, find and write race reviews.


That is a great slogan for the SKINS Compression A400.  When I found out that I would be testing and reviewing these compression pants I couldn't have been happier.  Many of my running friends rave about how amazing SKINS clothing is and I must say their reviews are accurate!  From the moment I put them on,  they felt completely and totally comfortable.  

What I noticed right away was that the pants, while providing optimal compression, were easy to get on.  If you can imagine the commercial of the girl trying to get into her skinny jeans and button the top button.... that's a lot like what I feel like when I try to put on other compression pants.  Many of them are SO tight it takes an acrobatic act to get them all the way up!   Plus, when you finally DO get them in place, don't even try breathing!

I commented right away  to my husband that  'these pants feel just like silk.'  They are lightweight, breathable, and have advanced temperature and moisture management.   I recently wore them during a race and when I was finished the pants were wet on the outside but I felt completely dry on the inside!  How cool is that?  I had absolutely no chaffing and remained very comfortable throughout my run.   I especially like the high-waist design;  it holds me in perfectly in all the right places. 

Typically, I run in the very early mornings when it's dark.  In Minnesota in the Fall, the temperatures vary from about 35-50 degrees.  While testing these pants in the early morning, I never felt too hot or too cold.  However, due to our very dark mornings, the only feature I wished this particular pair of pants had was reflection.  Reflection is a very important component for me and it is something that I look for on all of my running gear.  I do know that other models of SKINS compression do come with reflective properties.

All in all, these compression pants will certainly become a staple of my running wardrobe!  Make sure to get yours now! 

Through the month of October,  SKINS is honoring a discount code.  Used code BIBRAVE20 for 20% off your order!  Plus check out our bibchat on Twitter.  8 PM CST.  You could WIN a pair for yourself!