Friday, September 11, 2015


Yesterday, I gave away my son.  I gave him away to Kindergarten.  I gave him away to be free to make friends, make memories, make smiles, makes laughs and make mom proud!

As we lay in bed "Kindergarten-eve" Will asked all sorts of questions.  "Mom, but what if I don't know anyone?"  "Are you going to be there"  "But how do I ride the bus?"  He was a school veteran in my eyes; he had full time preschool last year.  I didn't think there would be much change.

It was an ordinary morning with just a few extra hiccups.  This was the first time I needed to make sure that he had a great balanced breakfast.  In the past, he ate his breakfast at his preschool.  I prepared smoked breakfast sausage, our favorite, the night before and his dad got him started on his breakfast before I came downstairs for the morning. It had rained the night before so the slugs were out on the driveway distracting my 3 year old.  Now that I look back it was good for me too because I was just as distracted looking at them as well.

My husband does photography on the side so he takes charge of all of the milestone moments in our boys' lives.  Normally, William doesn't listen too well with pictures, but he was so excited he posed for as many as Brad asked.  My baby looked so grown up!  It's not often that we spike his hair and put on collared shirts.  THIS was a special occasion.

I was doing well and excited to see him off on his first day.  There are many kids at the bus stop including a few kids his same age.  He truly couldn't wipe the smile off his face.  As the bus approached he eagerly waited to step up the steps to his seat.  These were the first steps to his future.  It's crazy that those 4 bus steps could mean so much.  I gave away a bit of my son yesterday.  A part of me had to let go, and as he waved goodbye...I sobbed!  Uncontrollably.  I'm tearing as I write this.  I never expected to have such emotion.  Where did my baby go?

I know that he is only 5 1/2 and he needs me for nearly everything, but his independence gleamed brightly yesterday.  He did fantastic at his first day and as we cuddled in bed last night, he filled me in on most of what his day was like.  He jabbered on about anything and everything and even stopped to kiss me on my cheek and tell me I was his best friend.    I cherish those memories and can't wait to hear more.  Bring on Kindergarten!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Race Recap: Women Rock Starlet Challenge

Last weekend I ran the Women Rock - Rock Starlet Challenge in St. Paul, Minnesota.  For late August, it could have been a scorcher, but we had a perfect 55 degree start and cloud cover!  My absolute ideal running conditions!

The Women Rock race series is put on by Team Ortho and it includes a 5K, 10K and half marathon.  This year, they offered a series race and included a Friday night 2.5K around the state Capitol.   Three Races. 4 Medals.  A "bling-whores" DREAM!!!  wink,wink.  I chose to run the Rock Starlet Challenge of 2.5K, 10K and 5K (in that order.)
Who doesn't like bling that looks like diamonds!!!
This race is a woman only race and had around 6500 participants.  I went to the race with my best friend Briana and we met a few other friends while there as well.  The expo was small but fun to attend as we acted like total goofballs dressing up against the Women Rock Curtain!

Briana and I acting like goofballs!
Jessica, Amanda, me, Briana and cutie-pie Anna!

The 2.5 K race was short and sweet - we finished together in 12:56.  Post race food, water and of course great bling! It was fun running around the capitol. I've never really explored the capital grounds and there are great grassy areas and sculptures around for interest. Neat location!

The next day was the main race day.  We got there early enough to score fantastic close-to-the-start parking for only $5.  Can't beat that!  It was nice because we could hang out in our car and stay warm. Believe it or not, the wind was chilly! :)  The 10K race started first and it was an out and back course - straight, out and back.  That does have it's advantages, but in my opinion, pretty boring.  I was focusing on a PR for this distance, so I tried to focus all of my energy on pace and trying to catch the woman in front of me.  I did notice that the race mile marker flags were all over the map and not accurate, so thank goodness for my Garmin 220.  I feel bad for anyone not wearing GPS - especially if you're not a seasoned runner.  It might have been discouraging to see mile 4 when we really were only at about 2.5.  It wasn't a "race-killer" for me, but it certainly was a mistake that could have been avoided.

My previous PR was 53:04 so I knew I had to race fast! My comfort pace is around 8:45/mile.  I was just coming off an injury, but my leg felt great so I went for it and PR'D!! Yeah!!!  52:35 was my official 10K time.  I discovered a photo from my 10K finish on the Woman Rock Facebook page, so here it is.  Why is it that race photos are so unflattering.  Clearly, I had the finish line in mind with that photo.  But, I still maintain that I love crossing finish lines!  There is really nothing like it!!  The exhilaration and excitement I felt with the PR was awesome!  I texted my husband a post race selfie to tell him about it too! 
Eyeing that 10K finish line!

Post Race Selfie
Bri and I at the finish of the 10K
 The above picture makes me laugh so hard!  HA!  ME.... LAUGH.... LONG....TIME!  :)  Bri has arms on her that would kill me in a fight!  I have NO muscles. We got a great laugh on that one!

We had about a 45 minute break in between the 10K and 5K.  Just enough time to stiffen up!  :)  But after my PR, I didn't much care about running the 5K my fastest!  Suprisingly, I was able to pull off 9:01/mile for my 5K putting my time at finish to 27:25.  Pretty good time for a break in between.  I was dissapointed with my first mile though at 10:30.  The crowd was HUGE - and like a dummy I didn't start up front, so I was weaving in and out the first mile.  Lesson learned - I HATE WEAVING.  So, I'll be starting near the front with all of my future races. 

All in all the race was a huge success and such a great time with friends! I absolutely love my running friends.  It's so great to catch up with everyone at the start and finish lines! I will hopefully be doing this race again next year! 

3 Races, 4 Medals!  My DREAM!
Below are a few more pictures! I know... ENOUGH WITH THE PICTURES!  I can't help it.  It was so fun.  Post race bubbly at the end in our own collector glass, music and friends!  What more could you ask for?