Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Stress Fracture

My very first running injury! Anterior tibial stress fracture. TOO MUCH....TOO FAST....TOO SOON! I pushed myself through all of my races including my first half marathon in October, and wound up with an injury. Newbie mistake that hopefully will not happen again.
In a strange way though, it felt worth it! I have never felt so accomplished as I did crossing that finish line of my half. More on the blog soon about my first half marathon. 

I've taken 6 weeks off of running and I am slowly easing my way back in. I completed 3.1 this morning on the "dreadmill" and loved every minute of it!

During my off period I have taken full opportunity of the extra morning sleep but also to read up on how to prevent further injury. I'll be posting about that soon too! Just getting back into the swing of the blog posts!!

Happy running!