Thursday, August 28, 2014


Happy Thursday Morning Everyone!

I want to make something clear.  I RUN FOR FOOD!  Seriously.... most days I run so that I know I have just a "few" more calories to eat junk.  I have a problem... it's no secret.  However, I'm looking for help.  I crave convenience and therefore because of that, I eat fast food.  A LOT!!! 

I KNOW that if I wasn't exercising and running consistently, I would gain weight steadily.  Over the last 4 months, ( the last one doesn't count ) but from April - July I lost 12 pounds. I gave up soda completely, and did not eat fast food except for the occasional Subway.  I was feeling great! Absolutely fantastic. 

But, now this last month, back on soda heavily again. Anything diet is my soda of choice. And, EVERY DAY for lunch I eat fast food. Yesterday was DQ chicken fingers and a SUNDAE!  My weight has stayed at 139, which is a good thing, however I can feel everything sliding.  My belly is bloated, my skin is dry, I hardly drink water.  Among other things. 

So you're asking.... if you were "healthy " once, why not just jump on the train?  I DON'T KNOW!  I love running - thank goodness!  I still get up 6 days a week at 4:50AM to run. Saturday, I'm planning a 10 mile long run. 

My "mothering" skills I feel are suffering too because I'm not teaching my children how to eat healthy.  Many times their dinners include at least a piece of fruit ( THANK GOD ) but otherwise it's chicken nuggets, PB & J or the sort.  Of course they don't mind and they are extremely active and very healthy, skinny little boys.  But, I MIND.... and I can't seem to get on track. 

So my question is: For anyone that may reads my blog:  How do I start?  I work full time - get home at 5:45 at night - dinner is a struggle to get going so convenience takes over.  We haven't had a family sit down meal at the the table in months.  Most meals the kids eat at the counter on stools and I stand.

Have a very happy and hopefully healthy Labor Day Weekend! :)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Runing With Friends

Let's talk about the importance of a support group. Without a support group to cheer you on many exercise goals fail.  I know that mine did.
I'm not sure "how" I FINALLY decided to take the leap into "regular" exercise, but 4 months ago, I took the leap and I am never looking back.

I owe much of my new-found love for running in the hands of my two running besties.  I consider these women the best in the biz.  One has some serious street-cred too - she's completed 36 marathons with one in a few months to make 37!!  I cannot believe they were willing to slum with me for a few months while I struggled to maintain pace.

A huge plus is that they are both my neighbors so we are able to run daily and we don't have to drive to meet.  5:00 AM every morning - rain or shine.  Snow, sleet, wind, HUMIDITY, total pitch-black darkness, 30 below windchill......they are there.....waiting....... and waiting...... so if I want to sleep in I can't.  My alarm rings and I see their disappointed faces if I even THINK about not meeting up.  And for real, they modified their training schedules so that I could tag along and now that I can FINALLY pace with them... I can't possibly bail.  Right?!?!

My running has greatly improved these last 4 months and largely because of my two besties who push me daily into running faster, longer and harder.  And, they are sure to point out when my pace is lagging or when my sports bra is just too big.  " well.... I'm sure the guys like looking at you when you run. " I'll never forget that day, and let's just say I went right out and bought a new sports bra that fit tighter where my "girls" didn't bounce so much.  And, I'm barely a "B" cup so I had to stretch to make them bounce in the first place.

Anyway.... my point is.... having a support group can really push you to become better.  I rely on these girls to keep me on my toes and push me to new limits and to them I am truly grateful.  So this blog is a support group and I want to help anyone I can.  I draw support from my amazing husband.  I also draw support from Instagram.  I follow some amazing people on Instagram and you can follow me too!

Run Hydration! I'm a total GEEK!

I'm not new to running... BUT I am relatively new to the "running daily" club. Therefore, only the cool kids have them! Hydration belts people.... Yup! That's what this working mom of two is excited about! 
I tried it on my first longer run today as yesterday I snuck drinks from my besties on our run. 
I have to say it fits great and I Iove it. It's the Nathan Trail Hydration Belt. I have to say at $44.99 kinda pricey. ( I love to coupon) but I got a 15% off coupon making it a little more bareable. 


My husband and I recently got back from vacation throughout Colorado. We left the kiddos with our parents and left for 9 glorious days! 
This hike up to the summit of Mt. Yale was the most exhausting hike I have ever completed. We didn't quite make summit-about 100 vertical feet shy. Weather was coming in and my husband(he has climbed 19) said no way we need to go back down!! I CRIED! ALL I WANTED WAS THAT SUMMIT! 
But, he was right and we made a smart decision because we did get hailed and rained on and the descent for me was brutal!!! BRUTAL!! Like no other running experience I've ever had! I am proud to say I am addicted! We will be back! This picture was taken at the saddle of this beautiful beast!