Monday, September 4, 2017

Let's BE SEEN and BE SAFE! Review and GIVEAWAY of Brilliant Reflective Strips!

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Unfortunately, we are in a world where distracted driving injures or even kills pedestrians often.  It's not unusual to see people driving in their cars, heads down without a care in the world - glued to their phones like a monkey to a banana.  It's sad, really.  

I don't know about you, but that is pretty scary.  It's even more scary as a runner.  Because most of my running happens in the wee hours of the morning, oftentimes I run in total darkness.  I absolutely need to take extra precautions so that I am safe and I am seen! 

I have been using these strips for almost one year now and they have been amazing.  Brilliant Reflective strips are extremely easy to use and are a MUST for added reflection.    They can be used on multiple items, from bike helmets to dog leashes.  They also come in four different colors and two varieties: iron-on and stick-on.  

Each package has different sizes that are easily affixed and all can be cut according to your specific size needs.  I had a little fun on my last run with the strips!  I wonder if cars thought I was funny?? 

Brilliant Reflective designed these strips to activate the bio-motion of a person.   Place these strips to accentuate your human form for even more visibility!   They are the highest reflection possible in a strip and actually bounce light back to the source.  Can you image what a driver will see when the light of their headlights bounces back to them?  

I am truly in love with these strips.  I use the iron-on strips on gear that I don't wash often, such as my winter running jacket.  I use the stick on strips on other clothing and gear.   The iron-on strips are permanent once fixed. But, I have washed this particular tank top three times since this picture and the stick-on strips are still there! 

Plus, if you don't think that Brilliant Reflective is already cool, they are donating 500K in strips to running clubs and non-profits.  They feel that every person needs to have the extra protection to be safe.  If you want more info check out the link here.  

Also, you can now score 20% off the Multi-packs of strips with code "BRPmulti."  

These strips are affordable and help me to be safe and seen.  I am so happy to be wearing these on my morning runs! 

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