Wednesday, July 8, 2015

OH, The People You'll Meet!

This is an interesting post today.  I was inspired to write about one particular "pet-peeve" which is coming up later.  But, after my run I reflected on just how beautiful the sky was this morning!! Take a moment!  Soak it in!

Ohhh, the people I meet on my morning run.  My morning starts at 5AM sharp. Typically not many people out and about for my morning run, but I do see some "regulars" getting their sweat on in the morning. 

*There's the super cute pregnant mom who walks with her neighbor.  She's pregnant with number 7.  God bless her. Just kidding.  They always wave and we do a quick 3 second chit-chat about how she's feeling or the weather, or whatever really.

*There's the married couple that walks the same route most days, always saying good morning with a wave and a nod. 

*I have my favorite local named Butch.  "Good Morning Ladies!" He always stops until we pass and usually asks how we're doing and sometimes teases one of us for being slower than the other.  We talk briefly as we pass about the weather or how dark it is.

*I also pass regularly the dad of one of my son's friends.  There always a "good morning."

*We have the guy and his German Shepard.  For I swear a year,every morning I'd pass he'd put the dog between his legs and hold his leash tight.  It's dark most mornings... and after all... German Shepards are VERY protective.  But now, this dog knows me... well not really... but his master no longer has to hold him tight.  It's a comforting feeling that the dog now feels comfortable about me.  I never get too close, but rarely do I even see it glancing in my direction.  I wonder if it thinks... " oh there's that crazy runner lady again.". :)

And, then there's THAT GUY!!!  I don't know about you, but I do strongly feel there's proper  "runner -etiquette."  THAT GUY is the subject of my post today.  A HUGE pet-peeve of mine is when runners or walkers do not say hi or even acknowledge that you're even there.  Come on... really??  We're both out at the wee hours of the morning, I know that YOU KNOW I'm there, the least you can do is nod, or wave, or grunt hello. 

I am NOT joking when I say almost EVERY day I pass this man while we are running.  Today I came so close to him I could have shook his hand.... not that I'd want to.  He really tries all that he can do to avoid eye contact.  I KNOW you see me.  I continue every morning to say hello, and wave.  Listen buddy.. I don't want to be your friend, but I do think it's polite to at least acknowledge a hello.  What do you think?  Do you have a certain person who ignores you on a run?

I stewed about the non-existent interaction the rest of my miles, about 3 to be exact.  I then got back to my beautiful sunrise and all of the frustration went away. 

What do you think the "runner-etiquette" is when you pass others??  I'd love to hear your thoughts!