Monday, February 2, 2015

UrbanHalo Review

For my FIRST EVER official review..... I decided to review a product that I know a lot about.  If you are searching for that one perfect headband that will not slip while working out..... look no further!  Urban Halo is the best running headband I have ever owned.  I own a lot of them and they still look as new as the day that I bought them!   One of my favorite Halos accompanied me on my first ever half marathon in October. 

You can check out the website here  These headbands are truly NO JOKE.  They are made in a variety of different colors and patterns.  They are super soft, and stretchy.  Each halo can be worn as large or as small as you like - I usually wear mine just a tad on my forehead as pictured above because I like the way it stays put and also catches some of the sweat.  

If you're a runner - these headbands are for you!  I have NEVER found a headband that does not slip while I'm running... except for these babies!  I can run for miles and actually don't even realize it's on my head as they are very comfortable.... no headaches here!

They are even cute to wear as an accessory too! You don't have to always be sweating in them. :)

Each individual halo sells for $15. But many times throughout the year, they can be found at a discounted rate depending on sales.  I think that this is a great price because truly you cannot go wrong.  You absolutely HAVE to try one out for yourself.  

Now you're going to ask?  Do they get smelly from all that working out in them?  I have never noticed any smell with my halos... BUT I do wash them often.  I throw them in with my workout clothes and let them air dry.  Usually, they go in a small garment bag just because they are so small and I want them to stay put. 

So, if you're looking for that perfect headband or even a gift for that special workout buddy... these are for you! Super fast shipping and great service!

Happy Shopping!