Friday, March 25, 2016


It's that time of the month again!  RUNFESSION FRIDAY.  
It's where I reveal my deepest darkest secrets.  
I'm linking up with Marcia for this one and it's always a ton of fun! 

The last two weeks have been hard.  I've had 5 full weeks of amazing marathon training.  I can see my body changing, I am developing muscles in places that I've never had before.  Then BAM! An ache in my upper quad has sidelined me.  I have only run a few times each week for the past two weeks.  I'm trying to be as conservative as I can - I have 11 weeks of training left.  I need to be healthy.  
It's strange really.  I don't have pain on a "pain-scale" when I run.  My upper left leg just feels weak.  The pain in my quad muscle is gone.  I am happy about that.  But,  imagine jumping on one leg and that leg feels weaker.  That's what I feel.  I start running with a bit of a limp until the leg gets warmed up.  A few hours after my runs,  I develop a fairly intense throbbing that is alleviated with Ibuprofen. Any runners out there have any advice or know exactly what it is?  

I have a million different emotions, but most of all... I RUNFESS:  I'm feeling horrible that I'm disappointing my coach and running friends.  All of my emotions aside,  I hate not meeting the demands of the program.  It is killing me!  I feel like I'm being smart and only pushing so far, but I can't seem to get this emotion out of my head. 

I RUNFESS... I've kind of been a crabby bitch the past few weeks.  

What's that expression:  If mama ain't got her run in... don't bother her???  My husband commented to me the other night that I was being a major "B."  He was right.  My mind is on running;  pretty much anytime I don't have to worry about other responsibilities.  Oh yeah... I have kids right??  All jokes aside,  if I wasn't so set on completing my first marathon, this injury setback may not be that big of a deal.  I would just take time off and everything would be ok. 

On a different note, as I type this my two hoodlums are running around spitting on each other for fun.  And commence..... deep breathing exercises.  Or maybe a strong beer.  Yeah.  That's it.  Breathing and Beer.  That'll do it.  I hope.

I RUNFESS:   I'm thinking about suing Target for having the damn Cadbury Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs.  Seriously, they should be illegal.   Sweet sweet creamy goodness all with a hard candy coating.  It's like magic in my mouth and I have a big mouth.  I need an intervention STAT!   I won't even begin to talk about Papa Murphy's.  That's a whole different day and an entirely different post!

I RUNFESS:  I've never actually been on a diet.  I'll just say that I've tried very hard to eat a bit healthier.  But you know what??  I could care less most days how I eat.  I know that I should.  But dammit... I don't care.  I work hard and I want to eat those Cadbury Eggs.  Someday, I'm hoping my brain will get the hint that I can't live on pizza everyday.  Ok, I'm lying 3 x per week.  ;)  

I won't even talk about that beer I have after work.  Just one.  That does the trick.  But honestly, most days I cannot WAIT to get home and have that one beer.   
The graphic below really made me laugh this week.  Sorry for the crude language.... well no I'm not sorry about that either.  WOAH!  I'm on fire today!

Writing this post has been great.  I feel so much better.  Thanks guys!   


  1. I am so sorry you're dealing with some pain in your quad. :( I've been there- it sucks! But I am sure you are not leaving anyone down. Keep playing it smart. Your coach should be proud of you for that!

    1. Going to see about running tomorrow. Hopefully I can get 10 miles in. We'll see. 😜 thanks!!

  2. Bottom line, injuries suck. Especially the itty bitty "twinges" that don't really leave you side-lined, but keep you guessing as to how much (or little) is too much (or too little). Hugs to you...I've been there, done that (actually, I had a very similar thing happening to me when I trained for Grandma's last year...except mine popped up about 6 weeks out before the start line). Plantar Fasciitis. Yuck!!Hope your hammie feels better soon!

  3. I am training for my first marathon... it is next week ! I have been training for 6 months but I didn't push myself because I wanted the experience, am not worried about my time, but was really worried about injury. When ever I had something that felt weak, a visit to the chiropractor for alignment usually solved that problem. Could be that another muscle is tight and is throwing off the balance and overall stability of everything ????

  4. Oh thank god it isn't just me with the eating. Everyone is posting their protein shakes and veggie smoothies and I'm drinking coffee before I run and wine with dinner every night...

    Is your pain way up high at the top of the front your thigh? It could be a hip flexor strain. I don't want to be the armchair quarterback, but maybe google it and see if the symptoms match? At least you have plenty of time to get back on the training plan. You'll be fine!

    1. You can always count on me to eat everything in sight for sure! I think I've narrowed it down with my pain. I'm pretty sure it's sciatica! so I guess that's good that I know what it is.

  5. You're going to be just fine Gina. Really. Take some breaths and chill. It's all going to be okay. I just read your last comment and it is in fact your sciatica go get a deep tissue massage. I started having the issue with my hamstring and then my butt. The massages really, really helped ! I haven't been in a while and the discomfort is starting to be a little more every day. Mine is piriformis syndrome and my masseuse tells me not taking care of it could patiently lead to problems with my sciatica. Check it out and for goodness sake -chill ! Just chill :)

  6. I may need a few more beers to chill :) Thanks liz. Day 8 of rest I have scheduled myself 7 more days before my next race. No running until then. Feeling progress.