Sunday, March 6, 2016

PR's and Boosted Confidence

Grandma's Marathon Training 
Week 4 Complete! 

This week was a great week.  It took 4 weeks to feel like I've gotten in the swing of this marathon training, but I think I've got it!  I'm actually really enjoying the different types of runs that I'm doing each week.  It breaks up the monotany of the everday run.  I can feel myself getting stronger too!

This week was made better by a few unexpected PR's and a little confidence booster in the gym. 

Day One:  Hills!  Oh... how I love hills.  In our neighborhood, just right out my front door we have a doozy.  It's torture!  We started with a 3 mile warmup and then 2 miles of hill repeats.  What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?  Well, I sounded like a barking hyena when I was done.   But, I felt like a superhero.  Great start to my Monday.

Day Two:  A beautiful, fresh, but ever-so-annoying light layer of snow fell the night before.  This made for a very slow recovery run.   I barely got in 5 miles before I needed to cruise to the shower.  This run felt fantastic though.  I barely broke a sweat and I gave my legs the much needed rest that they needed.

Day Three:  Is this winter every going to end?  It was a bitterly cold 6 degrees. Which, intially really pissed me off.  I knew day three means tempo run.  The past three weeks have a been difficult tempo runs for me.  

Goal pace for this run was 8:30's for a sustained 4-5 miles.  We did a two mile comfortable warm-up and then started out pretty fast at 7:50's.  I had a bit of trouble keeping up with the group.  I just was a few steps behind.  But, suprisingly, I PR'd the 10K distance.   At 5AM, a PR?  Wow!!   Made my Wednesday great that's for sure.  And, because it was so damn cold, I got a pretty cool after photo too!

Day Four:  Today is the day that I do strength training.  But, because I have a little extra time in the morning, I can get some cardio in too.  The weather was snowy and windy out, so I went to the gym and got on the treadmill for 5 easy miles.  I put on my headphones and binged watched a few episodes of Fuller House.  Yup, I WAS that kid.  I never missed an episode of Full House in the 90's. 

The best part about my day were my gym selfies.  Yes, I AM that girl and YES, I do make sure no one is looking when I take them.; at least I try.  It's hard to document your progress without photos. I'm not sure why I'm so self-conscious about taking them at the weights.  I did capture a few flex photos and I couldn't believe my eyes.

I am seeing definition in areas I never believed. My calf muscles are coming along nicely.  Thank you sprints and hills -- maybe you aren't as much of a demon as I originally thought.

Question?  Do YOU take flex selfies?  Should I be embarrassed?  

Rest Day was Friday - I met up with my sister for a day of shopping and it was fabulous.

Day Six:  14 miles.  Due to scheduling conflicts, this run was solo.  I was a bit nervous because I have never run that far before on my own.  I dropped my boys at the inlaws for a few hours and set out on my journey.  BTW - orange honey stingers - ROCK.MY.SOCKS.OFF!!!  They are the best flavor ever!   

This run felt effortless.  I was mentally prepared for a 2 hour run and I just went with it.  At mile 12, I came to the top of a very steep hill, looked at my watch and realized I was on pace to PR my half marathon pace.  I couldn't  believe it. So naturally, I went for it and on a training run I pulled off a 1:53:35 half split.  WAHOO!! I finished the 14 miles at 8:40/mile and really coudn't be happier.  

My goal marathon finish time is sub 4:00:00.  I'm on my way.  The next coming weeks will sure tell the story! :)  

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  1. Love the positivity & enthusiam in this post! Congrats on your half training run PR! That had to feel good! I also run early mornings but there's not a group here who runs early morning runs.

    1. Too bad you don't have a group to run with! I depend on mine so much sometimes!!

  2. That 14 miler was awesome. But that's because I have those same 2XU tights...just sayin'

  3. You did have a week of PRs. Your paces were simply incredible. You are definitely on target for a sub 4 marathon! I have a hilly neighborhood and often spend time trying to figure out the easiest route. I don't take gym selfies, because I don't go to the gym. LOL. You keep doing you! Thanks for linking with us Gina.

    1. Thanks! Love this linkup! I found great blogs!

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  5. You are going to crush that marathon! Your training has been so strong. I am so anxious to get back to normal training after this cruddy knee injury. Have a great week, Gina! :) -C

  6. I love your gym selfies. I am going to start doing them too. Now that I know how to do them

  7. I've been trying to mix up my runs. I had gotten in the habit of just running to be running, yes I got in my miles but I realize now many were without purpose so to say. I am trying to mix things up with different speeds and intervals. I hope it help. I think your going to do great in your marathon because you are killing your runs! Thanks for linking up!