Friday, March 18, 2016

GOT RECOVERY? GET - 2XU Compression Sleeves and Socks!

Disclaimer:  I received compression calf sleeves and racing vectr socks from 2xu  as part of being a BibRave Pro.  
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The opportunity to test out these two products couldn't have come at a better time.  I am currently finishing week - 6 of a twenty week marathon training program and it is intense!  The picture above is capturing my 400 m. sprints.  Man, they were very difficult because I pushed hard, but my 2XU sleeves and vectr socks performed awesome! 

When these products came in the mail,  I "may" have channeled my inner Tom Cruise and slid across the floor like he did in "Risky Business."  Ssshh... don't tell anyone. :)  I was so excited, I immediately put them on and started my first feel test!  They have a great amount of compression and are easy to put on. 

If you're anything like me, compression was a word that was not in my vocabulary.  Honestly, I thought that the "knee - high" socks were just a stylish running fad that added to the whole outfit while running.  It wasn't until about 6 months ago that I found out that compression really does aid in performance and recovery.   I previously have had the opportunity to test out compression socks and that's when I was hooked on the recovery benefits of compression!  

Naturally, when I was given the opportunity to test out compression calf sleeves and compression racing socks from 2xu, I was excited!  I have a pair of their compression pants that I absolutely LOVE and couldn't wait to add to my collection of gear from a great company! 

As an added bonus, we got to pick out our color.   I'm kind of a "girly-girl", so of course I picked pink!   Ha, girly-girl yes.... with a bit of tenacious bad-ass molded in too!

I am an avid runner and log between 30-40 miles per week.  I have found that I am finding the most benefit with these calf sleeves for recovery.   In the picture below, I am multi-tasking!  I am reading stories with my little,  but also enjoying some relaxing recovery with compression in the process!  I love the way I feel after I take off the sleeves particularly.  That may sound funny, but it really does feel like my calves were just at the spa after a fantastic pedicure!

It is also not uncommon for me to come home from a long day at work and put on the sleeves just for added support and recovery.   

Post - work day compression!
In addition to the calf sleeves, I am absolutely loving the vectr racing socks!  They hug my heel and don't slip ever when I'm running.  There is added compression through the body of the sock and they feel great!  I have never had an issue with chaffing or movement and I wear them constantly.  I can't keep them off my feet.  I need more for sure.  I am a life-long lover of these socks.  They are moderately priced at $19.95, but in my opinion totally worth the money!  Use CODE:  TRAIN15 for 15% off any purchase!

  • X:LOCK Compression Technology to optimize footstrike and push off, while also preventing abrasion injuries
  • Dry mesh panels for ventilation and moisture management
  • X:BLEND fiber formula: NYLON
  • Linked toe + anti-blister technology
  • Propulsion pad that cushions forefoot impact
  • Antimicrobial fabric

    All in all, I am very happy with my both of these products.  2xu have hit a home-run with recovery products!  Go check them out here.  

    As always, make sure to review your favorite race on BibRave.  Don't forget!  This Tuesday, March 22nd, 8 pm CST - Twitter Chat!!  We will be discussing all things running and 2XU is our sponsor. If you participate, you could WIN some great gear from 2xu!!


  1. I have not tried this brand, but I really like the socks. I may need to give then a shot! I like the color sleeves you have as well.
    I do love compression for recovery, I wear my knee high socks every day to work I wear pants :)

  2. Really? Every day? I'd get sweaty I think! :)

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