Monday, January 4, 2016

Winter Running is Ass-Tastic!

Winter in Minnesota is absolutely BRUTAL.  No, not everyday.  But many days the best way for me to describe winter in Minnesota is by the word "ass-tastic."  Yes.  Ass-tastic.  I said it.   Ass-tastic! This is my sarcastic for fantastic!  I am NOT kidding.

Some days are so cold my teeth hurt.  My eyeballs feel as if they are going to fall right out of my head because they freeze on contact.  Yes, that last one is a bit of an exaggeration.  But, my skin is dry, my hands crack and bleed, I rarely shave my legs.  True story.  Want more?

Sometimes, it's so cold I can't feel my legs when I run.  Last year, my right nostril froze during a negative -8 degree run.  Sometimes, I take comfort in my warm hair dryer.  

The act of simply strapping my children into their carseats ---in.the.garage.--- HURTS.  We don't even open the garage door for more time than it takes to actually pull the car in and out!   My cheerful mood can go from sweet, friendly, labrador retriever to raging pitbull in a matter of seconds!
Just for comparison, how did your run go this morning? This was mine. :)

Ok, Ok I'm complaining a bit.  Can't a girl complain?  BUT,  my point is.  Sometimes situations SUCK.  You can't control them.  Everything goes wrong in your day!  What you CAN control is how you adapt to your situation.  You CAN change your situation. You CAN make your day great!  Go after your goals even if it means it sucks every once in a while.  Even if it means you run in crazy cold temperatures.  I only couldn't feel my face for a few hours after my run this morning. :)  Just kidding.  I was fine, just being dramatic.  

I'm chasing my marathon goals and a girl's got to run!  Nothing can stop me now!  Even the projected forecast for next week!

You can do anything you put your mind to!  Go out and make your day great, no matter your challenges!  

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