Friday, January 22, 2016

2XU Hyoptik Thermal Compression Pants Review

Disclaimer:  I received 2XU_USA Hyoptik Thermal Compression pants as part of being a BibRave Pro.  
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In Minnesota, there are a few things you become accustomed to as a runner:  DARK & COLD!
And, in order to keep your training regular, you need to adapt to the dark and cold or you will go crazy on the dreadmill; aka: Treadmill.

In the spirit of the new Star Wars movie, I added a picture that sums up winters in Minnesota.  From December-March, it's only light from about 7:15am-4:30 pm.  If you're like me, you get your run in before work; in total darkness.  That's not the most desirable time for some people, but you can do it!  Just use the force and come over to the dark side.  Besides.....

We get to wear amazing reflective compression pants over here!

Read on as my full review follows: 
When I received my compression pants I was so thrilled because they are the very first pair of compression pants I've ever worn.  I am thankful for the opportunity that Bibrave has given me! I was so excited, I immediately opened the box and tried them on.  Because it was my first time ever wearing compression pants, I was surprised at the hilarity that ensued.  Ever watch a ninja run into a spider web and wave their arms and legs to try and get all the web off of them?  Neither have I.  

Ha!  But seriously, these babies are tight!  I laughed my head off trying to get them on my body; I swear it took me 3 minutes.  All joking aside, after the first wear I do feel that they "learn" your body shape and are much easier to take on and off.  They fit true to size and are quite comfortable.  For all of you moms out there----they hold in your belly amazing as well.  

These tights maintain their shape and the compression quality is as good as the day I first put them on.  I have had them now one month, and have ran many many miles in them.  I have also washed them 4 times and they still are in fantastic shape! 

The beauty of these particular running pants is the technology that 2xu delivers.  Some of the features include: 
  1. Hyoptik reflective logos for visibility
  2. Thermal layer for added warmth
  3. Compression support for greater protection to muscles
  4. Graduated compression for improved blood circulation
  5. Antibacterial and UPF50+ protection
  6. Reduced muscle soreness
  7. Heightened proprioception - awareness of limb placement for agility
The first and the last feature are two that I'd like to comment on.  90% of my running is done in total darkness!  I am a proud member of the 5am running club.  With early morning running, especially in winter, comes the darkness I was talking about.  It is extremely important to have reflective clothing on while you run outdoors.  These 2xu tights are just the ticket!  They add a great element of reflection with the hyoptik technology and have been an excellent addition to my training. 

    As you can see from the photos above, I reflect nicely so that cars can see me on the road.  In my opinion, this is a very appealing feature of these tights!  When I purchase running tights, I always look for reflective properties!  

    The other feature of these tights that I found fascinating is the ability for me to really feel my legs.  I know that this sounds silly, but it's true.  I truly have heightened proprioception when I wear these compression pants.  I feel faster.  My legs move smoother. I have a bounce in my step.  I can run like a cheetah!  Wouldn't that be awesome??  I really do feel like I can take on my run so much better when I wear these pants.  

    Cold weather in Minnesota is real. Very real.  These pants have a soft brushed thermal layer for added warmth and they are very comfortable.  I frequently run in temperatures ranging from 0-30 degrees and I have never had a problem staying warm while wearing these!   

    The price tag on these compression pants is $139.95.  They are on the higher end of the running gear spectrum, but I have always thought that you really do get what you pay for and I know you would not be disappointed with this purchase!  These have become a regular staple in my running wardrobe and I am excited to purchase more 2xu products.

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    1. They reflective part is really nice. I am impressed they keep you warm :) Always nice to have quality gear.

      1. They are very nice! Not super duper warm in negatives... But definitely nice with teens.