Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Let's Hit 2016 Out of the Park!

I saw this picture today from Running on the Wall.  It really hits home because our New Year's resolutions will be in full swing in a few short days!  What are your running goals for 2016?   I also follow Deb over at Deb Runs and today her Wednesday Word happens to be RESOLUTIONS!  How fitting!

I posted this picture to my Facebook page, RUN gina RUN.  I asked my followers what their goals were and immediately got a number of responses.  Some posted they wanted to remain injury free.  One person commented that she didn't want to gain anymore weight ever again.  Some others posted about race goals.  

For me, my initial goal is to complete 1000 miles for the year.  It really was a rather "thoughtless" goal.  I completed just over 900 miles this year, so 1000 miles shouldn't be too difficult of a task if I keep the same level of activity throughout the year.  However, the more I thought about my goals, the more I realized they go so much deeper.  Keep in mind, I focused only on running related goals. Of course, I have personal goals for my family etc.  I don't ALWAYS talk about running.... Oh wait! I DO.  ( j/k)
Remember to link up with Deb for her Wednesday Word linkup. 
Here are my Resolutions/Goals in no particular order:
  1.  Buy and FIT into a "sporty" Nike 2-piece swimming suit and ROCK IT!  I have until Minnesota cabin Season - usually in June.   ( Ok, that one isn't that deep.....but a woman's got to have goals right?)
  2. Eat more healthy and prepare dinners the night before so there is no guessing at meal time. I have a parenting fail when it comes to good balanced meals for my boys.  I'm working on it and it's a struggle and a work in progress. 
  3. Stay injury free.  I have been working on listening to my body this past year. So far, I have been sticking to 20-25 miles per week and I've remained injury free.  If I start to have any areas that are uncomfortable or feel any pain at all, I immediately rest until the pain is gone.  This July,  I took 3 weeks off due to a nagging calf strain and it killed me not to run, but it really was the best thing I could do.  
  4. Finish my FIRST MARATHON! Stick to my training and TRUST.THE.PROCESS!  
  5. Try NOT to get my hopes set on a sub 4 hour marathon, just FINISH!
  6. Continue to work on my speed.  I see track workouts and hill repeats in my near future.  My friend Susan I'm sure will kick my ass doing it too! 
  7. Try to maintain 4-5 days per week of exercise; not to always ONLY be running.  Currently, I'm working on my form for push-ups.  I am Terrible and can't even do ONE complete nose to the ground push-up.
  8. Perfect my planks.  1:30:00 and holding - I will get to 2 minutes this year! 
  9. Run as many races as my pocket book will allow.  I think so far I have 7 scheduled.  
  10. Have FUN!  
Overall, I want to take 2016 by the horns and never look back!  I'm going to make this my best year yet!  What about you?  What are your goals? Just remember, whatever they are... they are YOURS!  Make them happen.


  1. Staying injury free may be a broad goal, but really, if you've ever been injured, it's definitely something you work on!

    Good luck in 2016 & with your first marathon.

    1. I had a stress fracture Nov. 2014 and it was awful not running for 3 months! So, I really listen to my body now! :)

  2. I can't wait to see it all unfold. I love how honest you always are ;) 7 races sounds great! I really want to run more half's in 2016...we'll see!

  3. You can do it! I have a half scheduled tomorrow. 6 degrees! Scary :)

  4. Staying injury free is the best goal for every one of us! Love all of the rest of your goals, especially running your first marathon! :-)

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. This is such a cool feature that you do on your blog! You're a great writer!