Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My Own Personal Running Survey

I recently saw a running survey and really enjoyed reading it, so I'm going to give it a try.  Here's to getting to know me a little bit more. 

How long ago did you start running?

I started running a few times per week about 4 year ago.  It really was just a hobby that I occasionally started doing, when I had the time.... which wasn't very often.  About two years ago, a few friends in my neighborhood got me hooked on morning running and now I MAKE time and find that if I try hard enough, I definately have enough time to get my run in.  It's now a passion and I couldn't imagine life without running.

What time of day do you find is the best to run?

With my full-time job and my two very busy little boys, early morning 5AM workouts are my "ME" time.  The house is quiet.  Most of the time, my boys are still sleeping, and I can run guilt-free.  I say guilt-free for all of you moms out there. How often do we get to do something for ourselves where we don't have to worry about a billion other things??  My alarm rings at 4:45 three to four days per week.  Sometimes, even earlier if I'm planning a long run. 

Where is your favorite place to run?

I enjoy road running.  The treadmill, or "dreadmill" as I call it, is only good for extremely cold days or icy conditions.  I was recently in Colorado however, and did some trail running!  It is awesome! There is something so exhilarating about dodging rocks and jumping down inclines.  But, I hurt in muscles I didn't know I had after running trails for sure!

Are there any road conditions you won't run in?

I train with some pretty bad-ass women.  We run in absolutely any weather.  Here in MN it's dark 9 months of the year at 5AMIt also gets extremely cold.  Last year my limit was 8 below zero -- and with the windchill it was a miserable 8 miles.  My nostrils froze and it took me hours to warm up after.  On the upside?  I'll always have the memories.  BUT, usually, fresh snow on the roads or ice keeps me inside.  It's silly for me to risk slipping or breaking a limb when I have a treadmill in my basement.  I also don't venture out when it's extremely cold with windchill.  Although I did run a 10K race in -27 below.  NEVER AGAIN.  My eyelashes had icicles and those icicles and icicles.  Catch my drift.  ha ha ha

What are your favorite running shoes?

No question.  Mizunos.  I run in the Wave Inspires and have been for 4 years.  They have treated me well, so there is no reason for me to change.  I have 3 pair in rotation at this moment. 

What is your favorite race distance? 

Currently, I like the 10 mile.  Not to short, but not too long and I'm not sprinting like I would in a 5K.  I have yet to run a marathon. Maybe one day, I can say my favorite distance is a marathon.  Bucket list for sure! 

Do you like to run solo or with someone else? 

Most days I really enjoy running with friends, and typically I'm doing just that. I have some amazing friends that I run with daily and love chatting.  We are always talking, but it helps to pass them miles.  Typically, I run my races solo though.  Races are my time to push myself. 

Does your family support your running? 

My husband is my biggest supporter.  With two boys sometimes it's hard to venture out of the house and he handles it like a trooper!  I love it when they come to my races and cheer me on!  My mom is hilarious because she always says... " I worry about you when you run those distances.  You're going to hurt yourself."  I also don't think she realizes how far a mile is. :)  But like any mom she's proud of me and I like to make her proud as well. 

What have you gained from running?

Where do I start?  Running has given me so much!  I have met amazing friends through my running.  I follow so many wonderful blogs and runners on social media.  I have learned how to take care of my body. I have gained strength. I have lost weight.  The list goes on.  

What is most rewarding about running? 

There is nothing quite like that finish line!  I LOVE crossing finish lines.  The work and dedication it takes to make it across is like no other. The emotions you feel when you are done with the race can only be described by runners.  I feel invisible, like I can do anything.  I visualize that finish line during my races and that gets me through tough runs as well.   



  1. Love this :) My alarm rings about 4:45 too, some days I hit the snooze button and have to run a shorter distance, but that is still better than no run.

    1. Oh, and you are right, trail running is a whole different beast lol I miss it. It has been over a year since I ran on trails.

    2. I was SOO sore in weird places after the trail runs - but they are so awesome!!! I agree too! Runners always get up before the sun. :)

  2. I'm with you on the dreadmill. Last winter, which was particularly brutal, I did almost all my runs outside. I feel like I got extra badass points for hitting the road in those sub zero temps. I did do some "heat training" on the mill to prep for a Florida half in March. I also did some speedwork on the mill, since that would have been tough to do outside.

  3. I had a run in February where I was completing a virtual 10K and my nose hairs froze! :) Oh the things "us runners " do! Ha!!