Friday, September 11, 2015


Yesterday, I gave away my son.  I gave him away to Kindergarten.  I gave him away to be free to make friends, make memories, make smiles, makes laughs and make mom proud!

As we lay in bed "Kindergarten-eve" Will asked all sorts of questions.  "Mom, but what if I don't know anyone?"  "Are you going to be there"  "But how do I ride the bus?"  He was a school veteran in my eyes; he had full time preschool last year.  I didn't think there would be much change.

It was an ordinary morning with just a few extra hiccups.  This was the first time I needed to make sure that he had a great balanced breakfast.  In the past, he ate his breakfast at his preschool.  I prepared smoked breakfast sausage, our favorite, the night before and his dad got him started on his breakfast before I came downstairs for the morning. It had rained the night before so the slugs were out on the driveway distracting my 3 year old.  Now that I look back it was good for me too because I was just as distracted looking at them as well.

My husband does photography on the side so he takes charge of all of the milestone moments in our boys' lives.  Normally, William doesn't listen too well with pictures, but he was so excited he posed for as many as Brad asked.  My baby looked so grown up!  It's not often that we spike his hair and put on collared shirts.  THIS was a special occasion.

I was doing well and excited to see him off on his first day.  There are many kids at the bus stop including a few kids his same age.  He truly couldn't wipe the smile off his face.  As the bus approached he eagerly waited to step up the steps to his seat.  These were the first steps to his future.  It's crazy that those 4 bus steps could mean so much.  I gave away a bit of my son yesterday.  A part of me had to let go, and as he waved goodbye...I sobbed!  Uncontrollably.  I'm tearing as I write this.  I never expected to have such emotion.  Where did my baby go?

I know that he is only 5 1/2 and he needs me for nearly everything, but his independence gleamed brightly yesterday.  He did fantastic at his first day and as we cuddled in bed last night, he filled me in on most of what his day was like.  He jabbered on about anything and everything and even stopped to kiss me on my cheek and tell me I was his best friend.    I cherish those memories and can't wait to hear more.  Bring on Kindergarten!


  1. I swear the first and the last kid- it's SOOOOO much harder to send them to Kindergarten! My youngest is only 17 months, but I know I'm going to sob like a newborn when it's her turn.

    1. I love the bedtime chats though.He won't say anything when we get him from school, but at bedtime he's a chatter box!!!

  2. Aw, how sweet! I loved seeing all of the pictures of my Facebook friends sending their kids off to school. I have twin nephews that just started Kindergarten, it's crazy!

  3. He is precious!! I relate, I sat outside my son's school bawling his first day of school, it did change our lives, our routine, and I remember feeling like once school started the years kept passing faster and faster! My son is 25 now lol