Thursday, October 22, 2015

Got Protein? Got Omega-3's? Hemp Hearts to the RESCUE!

Feeling that afternoon slump?  Tired? Out of energy? Need a healthy, non-processed pick-me-up?  Hemp Hearts to the Rescue!!  

About one month ago, I was given the opportunity via my Sweat Pink Ambassadorship to taste and review Hemp Hearts from Manitoba Harvest.  I am always excited to try new products and was happy to do this review.  Disclaimer:  All opinions are my own - I was given this product for free in exchange for my review.

Manitoba Harvest is a natural food company that makes products using hemp.  Hemp is a natural super plant and the hemp seed is harvested from the top of this plant.  It has a nutty taste and is very high in protein and Omega 3's.  If you'd like more information you can visit the link above and it will go directly to the website!  

I took this image directly from the Manitoba Harvest website at Manitoba Harvest.  I liked the graphic because it shows the different options of products available. 

I was excited to try Hemp Hearts because I eat salads and yogurt often.   This product is an easy and fast way to increase your protein and omega 3's!  Just sprinkle this "on-the-go" and you're all set!   Below is a picture that I took of Hemp Hearts on top of my spinach salad that I had for lunch recently. I am bummed about how this photo turned out on the blog, it's blurry, but the hemp hearts are right on top and blend in nicely when eating. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the texture and taste.  They have a subtle nutty flavor with a soft texture, much like rice.  In my opinion, it tastes a little like a brown rice variety, without all the cooking. :)  Over the last few weeks, I have been sprinkling it on most salads and some yogurts that have fruit and granola.  I found that if I just put it on my yogurt I don't like the consistency quite as much, but when mixed in with other fruit and granola the flavors blend together very well. 
Hemp Hearts do come in an organic version and are vegan and vegetarian friendly.  They are packaged in an easy-to-use package that is resealable.  I know that sounds crazy, but when products take too much time, I won't use them.  I can literally just sprinkle right out of the bag and go.  

For me, one downside to the Hemp Hearts packaging is the Nutrition Facts information.  The 2 oz. bag, which is pictured below, is not broken down into smaller serving sizes.  I would love to know how much a tablespoon is for example.  This 2 oz. bag has lasted me a long time because I only use small amounts at one sitting.  Unfortunately, I can only estimate the nutrition facts because the bag does not list it per tablespoon/teaspoon option.  This " downside" however does not deter from the product and I would still purchase.  It's only a suggestion. 

The price is right for Hemp Hearts!  $2.99 for a 2 ounce bag and $8.99 for an 8 ounce bag.   You can order off the website or browse your local stores to see which products they carry.  I did search in my area on the website and they have several locations where I could find these without paying shipping costs. 

I do wish I would have been able to try the Hemp Heart Bites or Hemp Heart Bar.  I am a grab-and-go kind of girl; oftentimes eating my breakfast and snacks on the go!  The Hemp Hearts can be eaten right out of the bag, but it would be easier to throw a "bite" in your mouth!  I will definitely be trying more products!

Here is a great graphic for all of the benefits of Hemp Hearts!!  Go on!  Give them a try!  They are available at many of your favorite stores! 

 Thanks again to Manitoba Harvest and Sweat Pink! for allowing me to taste and to review this product!  I give it two thumbs up!!