Friday, April 24, 2015

You Might Be A Runner If......

The Granddad Half-Marathon is only a week away!

I am anxiously awaiting half marathon #2.  The race is next Saturday in my hometown of La Crosse, WI.  My first half-marathon last October I ran with a "pre-stress fracture," which ultimately lead me to REALLY injure myself.  Consequently, I was forced into taking 10 weeks off from my training.  I took a "doctor-ordered" much needed break to heal.   Currently, I am running much smarter and not pushing my limits quite as much.  Lesson learned. 

However, here are a few of my crazy obsessions the last few days: 

You MIGHT be a runner if you've checked the weather forecast 14 times in ONE day.  

You MIGHT be a runner if you've already planned your outfit for all of the weather conditions you MAY encounter race day.

You MIGHT be a runner if you've checked the event website 14 times in ONE day, just making sure you know ALL the details.

You MIGHT be a runner if you're stressing over your sleeping conditions the night before the race. * I have two small children that will be sharing my room race-day eve.  Lord help me!

You MIGHT be a runner if the ONLY day during the week you get to wear REAL clothes, you still wore comfy shoes so as to avoid any unnecessary blisters.

I am very excited for this race.  It will literally run one block from my childhood home and I know the course very well.  I have never run this particular race before, but the event course is a very familiar driving route for me.  My parents and some other family will be there to support me along the course and I couldn't be more excited about that.  

However, I have not registered yet.  I can register up to the night before at the race expo and that is what I plan to do.  The registration fee is $70, which in my opinion is a bit steep!  But it's only money and I love running, so I'll get over that.  However, 70% chance of thunderstorms that day is making me crazy.  

 This will be my mantra on race day

I have run in the rain before.  It's not ideal and yes you actually do feel like a bad-ass.  But, I'm not jazzed about having to run in the rain.  I am crossing my fingers that 7 days out the weather will change.  Here's to hoping. 

Do you think I'm crazy for not running if it's raining? 


  1. Not not at all! But why not just go for it?

  2. I have to admit I don't mind the rain, IF it is warm out, but running in cold rain for me is just miserable. I am a wuss also. :)
    I think if it were a race though I would run it anyway and be miserable, especially if I had been training for it

  3. I am up and down with rain. I don't mind a slow steady drizzle, but I have been in a downpour run and it really wasn't fun. It's hard to do a long run when it isn't fun. I am recovering from a tibial stress fracture. We should be good blog buddies... someone who gets how frustrating that experience was.