Monday, April 13, 2015

Embracing the Beauty of Spring

There IS something to say about the "quiet" of an early Spring morning. 
My alarm rang as usual this Monday morning at 4:45 AM - my Garmin Vivosmart ( which I love) actually startled me awake.  I was excited about my run.  It would be the first one in months where I didn't have to dress from head to toe to keep out the frigid Minnesota winter temperatures.   My outfit was perfect for the weather... and I think that is why I had such a fantastic run this morning. 
At 5 AM in Spring, birds are just starting about their morning, the air is crisp and traffic is minimal. The streets were still damp from the rain the night before which made my Mizunos crunch with every step on the fresh sand of the road.   I say the "quiet" of the morning because even though there were outside sounds - in the darkness your senses are alert to the beauty that is an early Spring morning.  I had no distractions of city noises; no dogs barking, cars rumbling, kids playing.... just my breath, my footsteps and the beautiful natural sounds of Spring.
My run felt natural, pure and effortless. I embraced this feeling and loved every moment of this run.  That doesn't always happen.  Some runs are struggles.  Today started out absolutely beautiful.  It felt so great, I even pushed pace this morning and had the fastest run I've had in a very long time.  Even at 5AM! 
If you haven't experienced the calm and quiet of a morning run in darkness it is a MUST try. 
Have a fantastic Monday!


  1. I love those early morning runs! It's nice to be out there alone. When the boys were little, I always ran before the sun, before my husband left for work. Just me, the newspaper delivery folks, and the skunks. I don't miss the skunks....

    1. Oh the skunks!! One day I'm pretty sure I ran right through his trail, didn't see the skunk though. When I got home my youngest said.... oooh mommy you STINK! :) My boys are 5 and 3 so morning is really my only time.

  2. I bet it's gotta feel great to not have to layer up all the winter stuff!!!