Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Finish Lines

The Finish Line is Just the Beginning

 Running means different things to different people.  Every runner has their own personal journey.  They have the "why" behind the "reason" that they run.  For me there are a variety of reasons.  None resonate with me more than crossing that finish line.  

It's a feeling that no one can take away from you!  Only you cross that finish line!  And... suddenly as you cross that line the hardships and struggles that got you to that point are all washed away.   When I cross the finish line, I am overcome with so many different emotions!   I have laughed, I have cried, I have nearly thrown up, I have passed out -- does getting caught by a friends husband count right before I passed out?  Truth be told..... the emotions go crazy at the finish line.  But there is nothing better than the amazing joy that I feel after crossing that finish line.  The adrenaline rush is like no other.  The pain getting there, completely wiped away.  It is one of THE most satisfying journeys I have ever taken.  ( Aside from the obvious ones like having my children, my wedding etc. )

Here are a few more thoughts that cross my mind at the finish line:

1:  Where's my medal? Oh Medal? Where are you? I'm a bling-whore if you haven't already figured that out.  If there's not a medal on the race, chances are I'm probably not running it.  I know that sounds silly, or maybe not... but that shiny piece of medal hanging on that ribbon is SO worth the miles!!  I promise once you have one around your neck you'll definately want more!

2:  Water!  I want WATER!!  

3:  OMG!  I'm DONE..... that took FOREVER!

4:  I'm so TIRED!  

5:  Oh please lord.... tell me that I didn't wet my pants. AGAIN!!!  ( oh the joys of child birth)

5: When can I do this AGAIN!  

My point is, cross that finish line.  No matter your distance. No matter your pace.  Get your butt to that finish line.  I PROMISE you will not be disappointed.  

This post was inspired by a fellow bloggers message about the rewards we reap from running.  If you haven't visited Wendy's blog.... do so.  She's got great posts and inspiring messages. :)  http://oldrunningmom.blogspot.com/


  1. Awww...thanks! Hey, my race on Saturday? No water bottles at the finish, just cups. Hello? That was a little disappointing... :)

  2. No water bottles? Oh no! I took two last weekend. :)

  3. haha - I think I've had the same thoughts at a finish line - especially the wet pants one :)

    1. Isn't it so true! And, put cold weather on top of it and you never know what state you'll be in! :) LOL!!