Friday, April 10, 2015

Morning Runs! I call them "Ass-Early"

I have been running for about 4 years now.  
But, I didn't get serious about my running until I got serious about my training.   I have a very busy life.  No, I don't think that it's any busier than any other mom that's for sure.  However, through a lot of trial and error - I embrace the term "Ass-Early."

At first, I undoubtedly rolled my eyes and laughed at my running friends who got up every morning before the sun, before most were out of bed, even before the birds were chirping!  They were crazy.  Out of their mind.  They had to have a problem.... who would WANT to get up that early, and especially to run??  WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??

As a mom, I wasn't doing much for myself. We all know how demanding motherhood is and then when you factor in work, food, house and all the other incidentals there's barely time to breath. Then  you fall over from exhaustion and start it all over the next day.   Don't even talk about that husband.  What husband? 

I have always had aspirations of doing a marathon, but thought well... lets just see if I can complete a half marathon first.  So, in April 2014, I called those crazy girls who got up in total darkness and asked if I could tag along for a morning sweat session.  And... the rest is history!

I love the picture above because at 4:45 AM when my alarm goes off, I often question what expression I will shout out first!  This truly is a great start to my day.  I meet the best running partners a girl could ask for at 5 AM - in ALL weather conditions.  Ok.... maybe not ALL - fresh heavy snow makes me nervous so my bed wins on snowy days.  And super frigid temps too.  Here in Minnesota we get MANY below zero days and when the wind chill approaches -10 degrees - we usually run indoors.  Although we have been known to run with wind and -8 degrees.   

My point is:  "Ass-Early" is amazing.  
I get my run in before the sun is up, before my family is up, before the birds are even up on most days and I start my day feeling GREAT!  Even after I have a terrible run, or a run where I'm feeling like it will never end.... it always gets me on the right foot moving forward for the rest of my day! 

Yes, my friends will tell you I DO complain.  Some of it for real. Some of it for "show."  There are days where I need to force myself out of bed and down the stairs out the door.  Not every run is a great run, but you'll never know if you don't try!   I encourage you to try an "ass-early" run.  I know you wont regret it!!

Since my training began... I'm still dreaming of my marathon goal.  
I am hoping I'll finish my first in October of this year.  I completed my first half marathon on October 30, 2014.  My next is one month away and I can't wait!


  1. I call those early morning runs 'BCD'. Butt crack of dawn. But ass early works too!

    Looking forward to following your marathon journey. Xo

  2. I think you named it perfectly!!! It's tough when that alarm clock goes off. Everyone would rather sleep - but that's when dedication & the REAL strength takes place! Keep up the good work!!!

    1. Thank you!! I guess dedication is right.... I'm laying in bed at 9:45 on a Friday night. Early to bed for my long run tomorrow! 😜

  3. Zero dark thirty....that's when I do some of my best running! What marathon are you running?

    1. Wendy, I haven't officially signed up yet for a marathon. I have high hopes to do the Medtronic Twin Cities marathon in October. Another running partner is also a marathon virgin so I'm trying to talk her and myself into it. It's absolutely on my bucket list but I'm terrified I won't finish. It all cones with training.... I'm already running 13.1.... So I guess why not huh?!? 😜