Friday, June 2, 2017

HEY! Where the HECK have I been?!

Hey there!  Where the HECK have I been?!?

It has been FOREVER, one month to be exact, since I've written anything in my blog. 
I've missed you all and I've missed writing so much! 

Life has really gotten in the way and the first time-suck to go was blogging. 
I mean that in the most loving way possible.
But let's face it... it's time-consuming to write often. 

Gosh, so much has happened in the last month, I won't bore you with all of the details, but I'll fill you in a bit.  My month of May was full of twists and turns and ups and downs.  

It was filled with lots of this....

Some of this.....

And....... maybe a bit TOO much of this.....


I've also been plagued with yet ANOTHER injury.  Seriously universe?  You can stop anytime now please!  More on that later, I'm on the mend. 

The beginning of May, my husband and I traveled to Colorado ( our favorite place ) and Utah for a getaway alone.  Fortunately, between both sets of our parents, we are able to travel with little worry about our two chicklets at home! 

During our trip,  I checked Colorado off my "states I've run" list.  The 5500 ft. of elevation gain from my flat-land of Minnesota is no joke.  The race went very well; as I finished my half-marathon in a time of 2:00:48.  I was pretty darn happy with that because it's only about 5 minutes off a half PR for me and at elevation, I really couldn't complain.  

Of course, we had to travel into the snowy mountains for an epic post-race pic! LOL

And... the medal is my favorite!

Strangely, and completely out of the blue, during the race, my knee decided to act a bit wonky.  By the 11 mile water stop, I knew that I had to be done for the day.  I was starting to develop a stabbing pain on the lateral side of my leg;  IT band issues I'm certain.   I pushed through the last 2 miles to the finish and pretty much collapsed at the finish line.  My knee just said "FORGET IT, I'M DONE!" 

Consequently, I've spent the better part of the last 3 1/2 weeks rehabbing my knee -  and worrying, and rehabbing, and worrying, and crying.   All of the above, incessantly.  Isn't that what runners do??

My dream of a sub-4 hour Grandma's Marathon finish is looking pretty bleak.  But, I haven't given up yet.  You know when you see a sign from the universe that gives you a glimmer of hope in an ever so huge and overwhelming world?  The kind that just stops you in your tracks?

Last week, this was my sign.  Right out my front door.  It was the most amazing rainbow I think I have ever seen.  Of course this picture doesn't do it justice.  But, I realized just how blessed my life is. After a few weeks of moping around, I came up with a plan to get to that Grandma's finish line. 

The last few weeks, I have been focusing ALL of my energy into getting the knee stronger.  I'm certain it's an IT band issue, and with rolling, stretching and strength training,  it is slowly getting better.  I've even been able to run pain free the last few runs!  

Due to my increasing injury rate, I've also had to re-evaluate how I train.  Up until a few weeks ago, I really have only been a runner.  Logging mile after mile after mile.  I love to run.  I live to run.  But, I'm not getting stronger.  I'm not becoming a more efficient runner.  

I've been contemplating joining the BeachBody ranks for a very long time now.  I figured, no time better than the present.  I'm loving my programs at my fingertips.  I'm loving what Shakeology has done for my nutrition.   Overall, I'm feeling better.  PLUS - since starting the 21 day fix I'm down 4 1/2 pounds.  Yeah Baby!   

Just to celebrate,  I did a little "Flex Friday" at the cabin this weekend.  *Note:  I may have had a bit too much of my favorite cocktail before taking this photo.  I really can be a cheese-ball sometimes. 

I'm conditioning and strengthening muscles I didn't even know existed.  Shoulder push-ups?  Who knew?!  I guess having an injury isn't all that bad because it's forced me to focus my energy somewhere else. 

As it stands right now, Grandma's Marathon is just 15 days away.   I plan on having an absolute BLAST in Duluth in two weeks.  I have a plan of attack for my marathon finish and I will give it all I have.  Trust me,  I will drag myself across that finish line if I have to.   Plus, I get to meet up with some other awesome people too!  Wendy you will be so SO missed.  Rachel and Kim we are going to have so much fun! 

When life throws lemons, I flex, flash a smile and make some lemonade - even though it may have RUM in it. 


  1. As nasty as they are, injuries do teach us things. And there's the whole "when a door closes a window opens" thing. Glad you're making lemonade out of it. You did great in CO and that medal is awesome!

    1. You have NO idea how much I've appreciated your support!

  2. Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous rainbow! It's a good sign for sure! I just went out to CO to do the Urban 10 in Denver. I think I'll go back for the Half next year. ;-)

    1. how did your race go? Colorado is just so awesome.

  3. Ugh, the dreaded runner injuries - I feel your pain! It seems that as soon as I get over one injury, another issue pops up!

    I love your race medal from Colorado and your time was fantastic!

  4. Wow...what a month! And you lived to tell about it. The medal, and especially the snow pic in Colorado are great. And that rainbow? Gorgeous!

    1. what doesn't kill me makes me stronger right?!?

  5. sounds like your knee is starting to feel better. I do think consistent strength training is the key to long term health so glad that's working for you. Good luck at Grandma's

  6. Loving your positive attitude and it will get you to the finish line. I'm having my own battle with a foot injury that I recently found out is a stress fracture - seeing a podiatrist this week. I have Chicago coming up and starting with an injury. But like you I'm making headway in other aspects of my fitness so I'm keeping my head up and training in other ways that will get me to the start/finish line!

  7. Yes, that rainbow was a sign, just when you need it! I'm so glad to hear of your strength training...only good things can come from strengthening EVERY muscle in that body ;-) And, we're gonna rock Duluth ;-)

  8. Glad to see you mixing it up a bit, even if it means sacrificing some time on the road (and the blog!). Yes, the goal should always be to have fun!

  9. Your attitude is great, and yepppp, that sounds like IT band issues for certain. I've been there (before my first marathon, actually), but from what you've posted on IG, it seems like you've been smart about it. So glad you've had a rockin month otherwise!


    There. I said it.

    BeachBody will help you, I'm sure. Plus you look so darn happy doing it. :)


  11. Ugh I'm so sorry about your knee and IT band. You did great in CO - congrats! Keeping my fingers crossed for Grandma's for you :)

  12. Crazy MN girl, you are wearing flip flops in the snow!! LOL. Good luck at Grandma's, and take care of that knee/IT band. Strength training is so helpful in becoming a better runner, so good luck with the BeachBody thing, too. :)

  13. Welcome back! Its clear that you've had quite a busy month. I had to cut back on my blogging recently too. There's just too much going on!

  14. I really enjoy reading your posts! Keep up the good work and keep us updated!