Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Beat the Afternoon Munchies

Sponsored Post:  This post is sponsored by Quest Nutrition, 
but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. 

We've all been there.  It's three in the afternoon.  Our stomachs are growling.  Our energy is fading. We could sink into our covers, pull the sheets over our heads and crash for an afternoon nap.  But, who has time to do that?  Certainly not me!  I'm a busy working mother who can use all the help I can get!  I need a hero in my corner, and I've found that Quest Hero Bars are just the ticket! 

I've been in this situation so many times!  Especially in the afternoon, my mind is full with chocolate candies dancing and potato chips crunching.  Unfortunately, when I get "hangry," I don't make the best afternoon snack choices.  I find myself craving everything in sight!  Most always, in order to get me out of the slump, I reach for high calorie, sugary fixes.   Not anymore! 

I'm now on a quest with delicious protein bars!  I have found just the right balance to help me fight off the sugary cravings!  

What makes Quest Hero Bars unique?  Allulose.  But what IS allulose?  It's a natural sweetener found in some fruits and it contains almost zero calories.  It has a bold sweet taste without the calories.  Allulose is not absorbed when eaten.  From your lips, straight through and NOT to your hips.   How great is that?  Plus, they taste like a sinful decadent dessert without any guilt!  

My favorite is the Chocolate Caramel Pecan!  Just look at the yummy, gooey goodness! Each bar has a delicious chocolate coating and a satisfying protein center. 

They contain between 170-200 calories.  They also have 10-11 grams of fiber and a whopping 15-17 grams of protein.  They fill me up and leave me satisfied!  I usually eat them on my way home from work and can't wait to pull it out of my purse and rip the wrapper. 

These bars come in three perfect flavors:  Chocolate Caramel Pecan, Vanilla Caramel and Blueberry Cobbler. ( pictured below )

If you are looking for more information please visit the link here.  You will not be disappointed you gave these a try!  

If you want a decadent paradise with every bite, these are for you!  Next time that afternoon sugary craving strikes, grab your favorite hero and melt away with the flavors!  


  1. I often get the afternoon munchies and don't make smart choices half of the time! These Quest bars looks really good. I'll have to look for them the next time I go to GNC.

  2. Everyone seems to be all about these bars lately! I guess I have to try them out huh?

  3. I do some snacking while at work...mainly granola bars and/or trail mix. Not ideal, but I do stay away from the candy bars and chips...glass half full, right? ;-)

  4. They've started putting out a small selection of snack bars in the afternoon at work -- I should request Quest bars!

  5. These look pretty darn delicious! so glad you found something that works great for you!

  6. I often get the afternoon munchies and am trying to be better about making smarter/healthier snack choices. A health bar is always a great choice to have on hand, especially at work.

  7. Yeah, the chocolate caramel is definitely my fave! I had it yesterday at work!

  8. I too get the afternoon munchies! I've never tried these!

  9. Now if only I could do the same!