Saturday, February 11, 2017

Grandma's Marathon Training - Weekly Recap - Week ONE!

It's hard to believe that I'm already one week into my marathon training! 
I am so looking forward to Grandma's Marathon.  It's my 2nd marathon, and the 2nd time I will run this race.  I definitely have something to prove!

My weekly recap looks something like this:  

28.2 miles
One tempo run with the grim reaper
A new do
Messy peanut butter fingers

For this training plan,  I have made a conscientious effort to tailor a plan specifically for my needs and my needs only.  I also cut back running from 5 days a week to 4,  so that I can allow myself enough rest and reduce stress on my body.  Last year, 7 weeks in, I suffered a major set back that put me out of training for almost 8 weeks.   I am going to try do to everything I can so that doesn't happen again! 


Well, I guess my training started off with a bang.   Go big or go home!  I was ready.  Hill repeats.  0.7 mile repeats in about 6:20 or 9:02 per mile.  I'm pretty happy with this because my marathon pace for a sub 4:00:00 hr marathon is 9:09.  Throw in the crazy hills and I feel like I pushed myself just right.  I was going to complete 5 repeats, but for some reason everyone in my town decided to drive the hill at 5:20 in the morning, so my safety was questioned as the sidewalks were mega icy.  I was running on the road and with a blind corner, I was happy to call it a day with 4 repeats.  


6 easy miles.  No pace expectation for this run, but I did feel sluggish.  9:30/mile completes day 2 of training. 


Rest.  It's important for me this training cycle to not run more than 2 days in a row.  So there you have it.  Wednesday's are for rest and rest is what I took.  Sweet baby Jesus - it was glorious! 


I may have died a thousand deaths during this run - but still felt a tad badass when I was done.   I'm pretty sure I blacked out at least once AND saw the Grim Reaper! 

Ok, so I always did have a flare for the dramatic.  No, I did not black out, but it sure felt like I was going to! 

It was -11 with windchill that morning, so I opted for my tempo run on "Milly."  I TOTALLY stole this nickname from Kim - go check out her blog - she rocks!  The name is just so catchy, I find myself saying it a lot, so it's kinda stuck!  Thanks Kim! 

My plan was 1 mile w/u, 4 miles 8:15/mile, 1 mile c/d.  I have to admit I cut out one mile tempo.  I hit 3 solid miles at 8:15 and thought I was dying, so I cut it short.   My mental game needs some work - but that's a lot of the reason why we train right?!?   All in all, I got in a solid 5 miles and felt great after I regained consciousness.  HA! 


Is supposed to be my kick-boxing day, but I can't bring my 5-year old anymore due to liability issues, so I'm really missing it and I'm floundering a bit for what to do for cross-training when I have my little with me all day.  Hmmm.. suggestions are appreciated! 

What I did do was get a new do!  What runner doesn't like to be pampered every now and again.  Let's be honest - my ponytail holder gets a LOT of action during the week.  Wearing my hair down is few and far between.  She made me feel glamorous!

On another funny note, my 5 year old watches my 7 year old get on the bus on Friday mornings.  He sits at the window, usually stepping on the sill while he watches.  Ms. OCD - clean freak, came into the living room to notice that he had written his name on the windows with his greasy peanut butter fingers.  My first instinct was to get upset, but I remained calm and actually laughed when I told him his printing looked great.  However, I quickly followed it up with a "please go wash your hands, and we don't write on the windows."  He thought he was quite the character that's for sure! 

You have to look close, but you can see his name written on the window! That stinker!


Oh what a glorious long run day!  It was absolutely fantastic outside.  39 degrees meant I could run in UNLINED pants!  In February!  I completed 11.4 miles at 9:08/mile and that was right on target with my marathon pace! 

There really isn't anything like perfect running temperatures and a great long run to start your weekend.  One other thing I was happy about was that my heart rate stayed comfortable in Zone 4 at 155-160 bpm.  

My little also had his 7th birthday party with friends today.  We went to a local bowling alley that had pizza, bowling and arcade games and everyone had a blast!  How is my baby 7 already??  Right now he's slightly obsessed with Minecraft! :) 

I'm not a particularly religious person, but Sunday's are my "holy-days."  I don't mean this as a dig on religion AT ALL, but I choose to do absolutely NOTHING on Sunday except relax and spend it with my family.  I'm looking forward to sleeping in until 6 and spending it with my boys!  I know... I'm an animal - but 6 am is sleeping in at my house.  :) 

I'm once again linking up with Holly and Tricia for their Weekly Wrap!  Grab and chair and a glass of wine, read, and stay while! 


  1. Great week of training! I can't believe you've already started! Once I finish up this strength cycle with Becky, we're digging in too!

  2. Great to see that you adjusted your plan and made more time for rest and recovery. That seems to be the downfall of a lot of runners. Love the new do! Have a great week

  3. BAM! You did jump right in to Grandma's training ;-) My mileage base is slowly building, and that will include the 10-miler next month with Wendy...then it will be consistent distance building on the long runs. For the first time in a LONG time, I'm feeling completely uninjured, and I'm gonna respect that and not push myself too much too soon. Ha! happy to hear you have a Milly, too ;-)

  4. You had a very nice first week of marathon training! I'm so glad you lived to tell about seeing the Grim Reaper. LOL. Happy Birthday to your son! My youngest child was into Minecraft too. I guess it has been around a while now. Your hair looks fabulous! I've been living in pony tail world for a loonnnggg time. So I had several inches cut off this week. I lived to tell that tale. Thanks for linking, Gina!

  5. Happy birthday to your little guy!

    I modified my training plan for my second marathon as well. The first time around I followed a plan to a "T" and I think it was too much for me and I ended up injured. Glad you are doing what works for you.

  6. That's awesome that you're training for marathon #2! I've heard great things about Grandma's. You're off to a great start, especially dealing with this wintry weather!

  7. Haha, awesome week of training. I can't believe you're already training though! I better register if I'm doing this race...

  8. That's so exciting that you'll be running the same race as you did for your first marathon. Here's to making improvements on race day from the first time that you ran the race!

  9. Great job on all of your training runs!! I'm excited to follow your training for Grandma's! I ran one marathon two years ago and haven't been able to run another one since. As a Christian, Sunday's are meant for sabbath and rest. I lead worship at our church so I have to get up pretty early to be at practice by 8. I'm pretty tired by the afternoons so I've been using Monday mornings to rest and get my workout ready for class I teach in the afternoons. Happy late Birthday to your little man! Our youngest will be 6 next month! Hope you have another great week of training!

  10. I've heard great things about Grandma's! Very cool. I cut back to 3 running days a week for training, and it's been heavenly.

  11. Great week! I've heard so many good things about Grandma's Marathon from bloggers - makes me want to train, and fly all the way there to run it!

  12. How funny that your son wrote on the window with a peanut butter covered finger, and good for you for not flipping out. I remember those little incidents and I'm not so sure I was able to stay that calm.

    Yay for starting your marathon training cycle! I actually love hill repeats, but I run a bunch of shorter ones since I run shorter races these days.

    1. Well, it took a bit of stop drop and think for me not to flip out. :) but the memory is priceless!

  13. Happy birthday to your little guy and I love your hair!

    On another note, NEGATIVE 11 DEGREES WHAT IS THAT EVEN??? Good for you for sticking with it! Your training is going great!

  14. Nice job with your first week of training! I also like to do nothing on Sunday. I try to make it my rest day and get all our errands done on Saturday. Your hair looks great!

  15. Seems like everyone is running Grandma's this year! I'm so jealous. Some day I'll get that one...

  16. What a great week! I never try to do hill repeats at a specific pace - I'm just happy to get them done at all! LOL on the fingerprints. You are a great mom for complimenting his lettering first!

  17. Great week of training, Gina! I'm so excited for you to run Grandma's and I'll definitely be following along on your journey via blog �� Your hair looks amazing BTW! Ponytails do get way too much action. Could you imagine running with your hair down?! My hair is nuts...

    P.S. Happy belated 7th birthday to your oldest

  18. Being a mom to two young ones and taking care of yourself is a balancing act! My oldest will be turning 7 this year as well and I can't believe how quickly time passed. It looks like you had a good start to your marathon training - hope that you stay injury-free with running 4 days instead of 5. I cut down on my running days last year training for a half and it's interesting that I almost finished around the same time running 3x vs 4x/week. When I train for Chicago this year, I plan to start with 4 days and bump it up to 5 days during the final 8 weeks.

  19. I love that story about your son! My two kids are grown now and those funny little things they do when they're little are definitely something to look back on and treasure.

  20. Great week! I think rest days on the training cycle are just as important as the run days! It does feel nice to let the ponytail down and get your hair done- I have to carefully plan it around my training schedule! :)

  21. I haven't done hill repeats in quite some time. Why oh why did I pick this week to do them I'm not sure. I chuckled at your comment about blacking out and seeing the Grim Reaper, I think I did too on the way to the top of the hill! Or I could have done this when I was planning my hill repeats?? Either way, we both got it done!
    Your hair is so pretty, it is nice to be pampered too! Thanks for joining us for the Weekly wrap!