Friday, January 6, 2017


If you're anything like me and a bit "style-challenged", Stitch Fix is for you!  

I LOVE this fix!

If you've been following my blog for awhile now you've probably learned that most of my days are filled with running clothes and messy ponytails.  My closet is literally 85% workout clothes and truly that is NOT an exaggeration. 

I struggle when I have to got out to actually "look-nice!"  I just don't have much to choose from in the way of my wardrobe, so I turned to Stitch Fix for some help! 

Many of you have probably heard of Stitch Fix.  Some of you may have even tried it!  If you're not familiar with how it works here's a breakdown: 


Simply click on this link which will take you directly to the Stitch Fix website.  Next, create an account and complete your FREE style profile.  This style profile lets you tell your stylist about your EXACT tastes.   One thing I like is that you can let her know just how much money you'd like to spend.  The average fix is about $50 per piece.  The more information you can give and the more specific you are with your preferences and likes/dislikes; the more successful your fix will be!  I recommend creating a Pinterest Style Board to get even more specific about your style preferences!

Once you've completed your style profile,  Stitch Fix will pair you with your own personal stylist that will select five items that will suit your individual needs!  JUST FOR YOU!  Then, the clothes selected will arrive at your door and you can try the items on in the comfort of your own home with the clothing and accessories that you already own.

It's really simple.  Keep the items you want.  Ship back anything you don’t like in the PRE-PAID shipping envelope.   There is a small $20 styling fee that you don't get back if you don't keep anything that you were shipped.  BUT, shipping and returns are FREE, and the $20 styling fee is deducted from the price of anything you decide to keep.  Do you LOVE everything in your fix?  If you do, you automatically save 25% on your entire order.

In my opinion, the $20 styling fee is worth it!  No trips to the mall to search in countless stores for a put-together outfit.  I'm hooked and can't WAIT for my next fix to ship!  YIPPEE!!


This was my first completed outfit I put together with items I had in my closet.  I was sent the Market & Spruce - Chrissy Seam Detail Open Cardigan: $64 and the Loveappella Regena Mixed Material Knit Top: $48.  

When I pulled the striped top out of the box,  I immediately was in LOVE.  It was so right up my alley and my stylist nailed my girly style.  It is just SO cute.  The sheer floral back and cap sleeves are adorable and it is a bit flowy with a longer back - PERFECT for my black leggings (which I got at Target.)  

I paired it up with a necklace I had that honestly I haven't worn in years and.... Voila!  Perfection!  I had some high wedge shoes that really make this outfit dressy.  I decided to actually wear this outfit with a pair of snakeskin flats.  For just a bit more comfort.   STATUS: KEPT

I thought the cardigan was a bit spendy at $68.  It's certainly something I would have overlooked in a store simply because of the price tag.  I am SO happy I gave it a shot and "forgot" about the price for a second.  It's amazing. It has great detail and the back is adorable! So soft, very comfy, fits me perfectly in the shoulders and it's a great color that will match just about anything I pair it with.   STATUS: KEPT

I was also sent the 41Hawthorn Queensland Dolman Jersey Top: $48 and Liverpool Elizabeth Super Skinny Jean: $78.  The jeans are AMAZING. Yes, I looked at the price tag and almost swallowed my tongue.  In my opinion, they are expensive.  But, I've never paid more than $40 for a pair of jeans in my life.  Maybe that's why I don't like my current jean selection?

I was so excited with my fix my husband I did a little photo shoot!

Anyhoo, these jeans are so soft and comfy.  Being that I LIVE in running clothes... this was a huge plus.  These jeans can be worn dressy or casual.  STATUS: KEPT

The shirt is a beautiful burgundy/purple color and also very comfortable.  I love the side detail where the fabric slouches. I paired it with a scarf that I recently purchased and my Sorel Winter boots - in MN boots are a necessity.  STATUS: KEPT

My fix also included a pair of earrings.  These were the Marlyn Schiff Portia Ear Jacket, $28. I will admit, these are not my favorite.  I would say I'm a tad more girly-girl with my style so these were just to modern.  Had I not received a HUGE 25% discount for keeping all 5 items, these would have went back.  It made more sense to keep them.  I'm sure that I'll wear them a bit, but they will not be my go-to earrings.  What do you think?  STATUS:  KEPT

I did keep ALL 5 items and I couldn't be happier.  I think I will get a lot of wear out of all of my pieces and I'm so excited for my next fix!  The total cost for 5 items was $199.50.  In my world, that is a bit more than I'm used to spending.  But, the trade off for me was the convenience and the fact that I was styled perfectly and didn't have to do anything.  I just love that!   For a busy, working mom of two - it's just perfect! 

If you want to try Stitch Fix for yourself, use my referral link!  I get a small referral credit and I would love you forever! :)  Happy Fixing! 

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  1. I love the earrings and the stripped top! I'm all about stripped tops!!

  2. I just LOVE the stripped top - still trying to love the earrings! HA!

  3. I haven't tried StitchFix, but I have tried similar things. It's always so fun, but yes, the prices can be up there. I really love that striped shirt and the cardigan! And love how you put them together with things you already owned :).

    1. I've been getting so much wear out of my pieces and I've gotten a whole to love for fashion now! :)

  4. I love this black striped top on you. I did not have the best experience with my stitchfix maybe I should try again

  5. Deborah, I definately think the more the sylist can see on a style board on pinterest helped me for sure!