Monday, January 2, 2017

A Year Of Firsts!

2016 was an amazing year, and it's over. 

Here's a look back at my pretty crazy year of running.  

  • I completed 10 races. 
  • One challenge series.
  • Won an AG award.  
  • 2 Destination Races - if only in the Midwest! 
  • Completed my FIRST MARATHON! 
  • 6 Half-Marathons
  • One DNF - well, I walked it. 
  • One DNS ( major bummer )

It's hard to believe that it's all come to an end, and truthfully if I wrote about it all, you'd be bored by the end and it would take me all day.  But, sticking to running, all-in-all it was a pretty fantastic year!

For the last several years, I have completed the Polar Dash Half Marathon on New Years Day.  It's a Minnesota right of passage because it's always so ASS cold.  Yes, I said ASS.  Of course, the year I decided to skip the race it was 25 degrees...and for Minnesota standards that's beach weather.   Instead, my children let me sleep in on Sunday until 7:45 am.  I'm not going to lie, it was fantastic!   Yes,  I'm bummed I didn't get to run this year, but I did get in 6.5 miles this morning so that was great!

My year is STATS:

  • 10 races
  • 1,007.75 miles
  • 97,000 calories
  • 202 days run
  • 1 DNS
  • 1 DNF ( I walked it, so I guess I finished )
  • 1 Injury

Marathon training started for me Mid-February.  I was nervous and excited at the same time.  Unfortunately, about week 7,  the nag in my leg was confirmed Femoral Stress Fracture.  Thankfully, I had caught it early and had been nursing the leg for 3 weeks before I went to the sports medicine doctors.  I had 7 weeks off from my normal running schedule.  It was hard and at times I felt completely lost. 

It was during that time, that I had my very first DNS and another race a few weeks later that I stepped down to the 5K and just walked. It was a major bummer, but my eye was on the prize of that finish line! And.....

In June, I DID IT.  I crossed that marathon finish line even after my injury!  Grandma's Marathon was not something I'll ever forget.  I finished and I will relish in that moment for the rest of my life.  And... you know what?  I'm coming back for more in 2017 and will be running the course again.  I was happy I finished, but I KNOW I am capable of so much more.  Stay tuned!

Lola's Half Marathon,  Kari - Me - Lisa
Rather than talk about ALL of my race experiences, I'll talk about what I learned this year! 

I've learned that the running community is truly awesome!  Really!  Truly awesome and you have all touched my lives in different ways and I'm thankful for that.

I've learned that races are ALWAYS so much better with friends! 

I35 challenge - Kansas City & Des Moines
I've learned to never give up.  

I've learned to set big goals!  

I have so much to look forward to in 2017.  I'm already trying to finalize my race schedule and I've got BIG goals!  I hope you'll all join me for what I'm sure will be a crazy year! 

I look forward to many more laughs.  Maybe a half-marathon PR?  Another marathon finish... or two?  Hmmm..... I guess we'll see!  I'm hoping to work more on growing my blog as well as being the best mom I can be! 

And, speaking of blogs..... I changed my name to!  I wanted a blog name that was geared more toward running, but also include some of the first name!  Let me know what you think?  

It's been FOREVER.... I mean FOREVER since I've linked up with Holly and Tricia for their Weekly Wrap!  I'm excited to link up again and I'm hoping to keep a better track record into the new year!  Check out their blogs and others as well!  

Here's to a FANTASTIC 2017!


  1. I especially enjoyed getting to meet you in Des Moines! I look forward to conquering Grandma's with you in June (I've got some unfinished business there) ;-)

    1. That's RIGHT! I completely forgot your going to be there! SO FUN! I can't wait to meet up with you again. And, yes.... I have some unfinished business with the course too! :)

  2. Good to see you back, Gina! You had an incredible year despite being sidelined with an injury. I have a lot of ideas swirling around about 2017 and hope to gain some clarity after this weekend. I really enjoyed meeting fellow bloggers this year. Running friends are the best! I like your new blog name! Thanks for linking and Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks so much Holly. I'm going to be better about linking up in 2017. :)

  3. What an awesome year, Gina! I can't wait to follow your 2017 adventures. It's a year full of amazing potential. P.S. LOVE the new blog name!

    Here's to a rockin' new year!

    1. Thanks Amy! I'm glad I changed the blog name too. It's going to be a GREAT year!