Monday, November 21, 2016

Running Gifts for the Black Friday Shopper! ALERT: GIVEAWAY & DISCOUNTS AHEAD!

The holiday's are FAST approaching! 
Gift giving will SOON be in full swing! 

Look no further as I have my 4 TOP PRODUCTS of 2016!
I have GREAT discounts in store for you and a giveaway to boot! 

As the holidays get closer and closer, I find myself filled with anxiety.  I want to give gifts that I know someone will love.  But, time and money are factors too - so it can be difficult to find that person the perfect gift.  

Every year, Black Friday is a day long event!  Deals are everywhere.  Some people camp out for great deals.  Others will wait in line for hours for great deals.  Not me!  To tell you the truth, Black Friday is a day I avoid with all of my might!   The crowds, the traffic, the chaos!  Who has time for that?   Most of my shopping is done online and lucky for you I have picked out 4 of my all time favorite running products for you to shop!

Running in the dark in Minnesota can be scary.  That is why for EVERY run I take along my Knuckle Lights .  If you are interested in reading my FULL REVIEW you can click here.  I absolutely LOVE them.  They have been my life saver and I know that your favorite runner would love them too!  Just check out how bright they are!

Get yours for 10% OFF and FREE SHIPPING for a LIMITED TIME with code: "ykaf2233"

My next favorite product of 2016 is MeStrength!  You can visit their website here.   MeStrength is a performance hydration electrolyte drink mix with ZERO calories, no added sugar, and all-natural flavors!

For a LIMITED TIME:  Get this AMAZING product for 25% OFF with CODE:  "VeryMerryMestrength".  

Trust me, you'll love MeStrength and will want more!  My favorite flavors are the orange and the lemon-line! Easy to use and sold in convenient single-use packs!

If you'd like my FULL review of the product follow this link!

Everyone knows how much I LOVE my Spibelt!  And.... to top that off... Spibelt has allowed me to do ANOTHER amazing giveaway!  To enter to win use the Rafflecopter below!  The winner will get their CHOICE of the original spibelt, the limited edition RIO ( pictured below), or the Limited edition Chantilly!

If you'd like to order one for yourself, you get a goodie bag at checkout with my code "gina2016."  Always FREE shipping!  

You will love it and so will someone you love!  It's the perfect gift!   Good luck with the giveaway below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Last but certainly NOT least is Urban Halo!  Check out their website here.  Urban Halo makes amazingly soft, non-slip headbands!  I truly LOVE them and have been exclusively wearing them for 2 years.  They are inexpensive, come in a variety of amazing patterns, and the business is local in Prior Lake, MN.  How cool is that?  I promise that you will love them.

The discount for these headbands is TIME-SENSITIVE as it only runs from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.  It's JUST a 3-day sale!  Go to the website where you will score 2 FREE headbands with every 3 ordered!  It's the BEST deal of the season. I will be buying more myself!

I truly hope that you can find a great deal with my 4 favorite products of 2016!  Don't forget all of the unique discount codes and GOOD LUCK with the Spibelt giveaway!

Happy Shopping!

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