Thursday, November 17, 2016

Do These Glasses Make Me Look Bad-A#$?

Diclaimer:  I received the XX2i Brazil1 sunglasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro.  Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave to review, find and write race reviews.

Casual, Sleek, Retro & Bad-Ass!  Yup, those are the adjectives I'd use to describe these sunglasses.  You're probably wondering.... "Why does she need SO many pairs of sunglasses?"  I will come back and say; You can never have too many!  

Truth is, I have been given the amazing opportunity to have tested 4 different models of XX2i sunglasses.  This pair is the first pair of casual sunglasses I've tested.   I have been pleasantly surprised by them! 

At first glance, out of the box, they didn't WOW me.  BUT, when I put them on and  saw the blue, shimmering 8K optics,  I was SOLD.  They are so cool.  I have a little more swagger in my step when I wear these and I'm not kidding.  

These glasses are light-weight and the key-hole nose piece fits my face perfectly.  My eyelashes do not touch the lenses either, which is a huge plus!  They are decorated with two small silver accents on each side - which I love!  They also come in a variety of colors; however I think the black is the best!  I'm transported into the 50's and 60's when converse and rolled jeans were a fashion.  Oh wait - that IS the fashion.  Nonetheless, you can grab these glasses with virtually any outfit and your stylin' in seconds.  

Recently, I wore them post-race in Madison.  Immediately at bag pickup I grabbed them and slipped them on for fantastic coverage and polarized comfort!  Don't these glasses make my medal look big?!?!?!  HA!

I didn't get the opportunity to run with these glasses on, but due to the versatility and the strap that comes with them, you could absolutely take the on a run or ride.   These glasses are permanently in my car or my purse so I can grab them whenever I want!

I would say my only negative for the fit was after a few hours of wearing them, I did feel a bit sore at the top of my ear from the arms of the glasses.  Although, I do feel that they could be adjusted to be a bit looser on the back. 

XX2i backs ALL of their sunglasses with a 365 day return policy.  For any reason, they can be returned for FREE,  no questions.  Although,  I'm sure you'll love them!  Don't forget to use the code "XX2iROCKS" to get 50% OFF! 

***For a limited time: THROUGH TUESDAY, Nov. 22nd. Code: "BRAZIL1" gets you 60% off these glasses. 

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