Thursday, December 1, 2016

OOPS! I did it AGAIN!

Grandma's Marathon 2017!
Be there, or BE SQUARE!

Oops!  I did it Again! 
Anyone else hear Brittany Spears singing anytime they hear that statement?!?!

Alright, now that THAT is out of my system, let me clarify.

You know that famous phrase every runner says after they finish a race?  "I'm NEVER doing that again!"  I'm guilty as charged.  

Grandma's Marathon was my very first marathon EVER this year.   I trained for months.  Finished the race in the 80 degree heat and scored a lifetime of memories.  The memories I will carry with me forever.   I had a fantastic time,  but I also swore it would be my last marathon.  Ha ha!

Just LOOK at the NEW 2017 medal!! I HAVE to have it!

I compare signing up for another marathon like child birth.  You swear after one child, you'll never have another?  The pain of labor, the nine months of carrying the baby.  But, in a blink of an eye you simply forget.  You don't seem to remember all the trials and tribulations leading up to your precious bundle of joy; consequently,  you do it all over again.  

Training for a marathon is no small feat. We put our bodies through months of hard work.  We lose sleep with worry.  How will I run on race day?  Is the weather going to cooporate?  Will I use a pace group?  What if I can't finish?  The psychological stress of it all is enough to make any person drink. 

BUT, the reward at the finish is so tremendous we are willing to do anything to get there.  That shiny medal, so hard-earned at the finish line.  Eagerly placed upon your neck by a friendly race volunteer! The feeling of accomplishment lasts a lifetime.

Reunited with my BIGGEST support the ENTIRE RACE!

So, in June 2017 I'm crossing that starting line once again with hopes to cross the same finish line that I did this last June.  I crave the feeling. I can taste it.  I want that medal!

Happy Running!  



  1. Plus we get to meet! I'm so excited to do this one with you!

  2. Oh yes. I was doing one marathon...10 years and 10 marathons ago. All the best with your training and may the heat be gone on race day!

  3. Marathons are so much like pregnancy and childbirth! It's wild, and terrible, and wonderful all at the same time. And afterwards it leaves me wanting to do it again. Even with kids - crazy :)

    I'm so excited for you to do Grandma's! That one's on my bucket list!