Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Review of MeStrength - Electrolyte Performance Hydration Drink Mix

Disclaimer:  I received MeStrength Performance Hydration Drink Mix to review as part of being a BibRave Pro.  Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave to review, find and write race reviews. 

Imagine yourself at your race expo.  Vendors everywhere, gear spilling out onto the narrow walkways between vendor booths, hundreds of excited runners, eyes wandering, heart pumping, wallet jumping out of your pocket ready to spill it's contents and buy you all.the.gear!   It's almost race day.  You can hardly wait to cross that finish line.

Now, imagine yourself sampling any and every item that these vendors want you do try.  Some may be great, while others are not.  Some products you are so excited to try and then your heart sinks after you realize you were fantasizing over a product that just didn't live up to your standards.

How many times have you tasted a performance energy drink;  wanting so badly for it to live up to your expectations?  I know I have.  So many times I have been disappointed with how theses performance drinks have tasted.   Guess what?!?  I do not need to look any further.  MeStrength to the rescue!  I absolutely LOVE this product.

MeStrength comes in 5 different flavors so that you can pick the very best one for you!  It is gluten - free, vegan, sugar-free and all natural.  I have to admit I really love the lemon-lime and orange flavor! The fruit punch rounds out a solid 3rd place for my flavor palate.  I didn't taste the grape flavor.  I should have but I don't like grape anything, so I gave that to a friend.  The kiwi-stawberry was a bit too tart for my taste.

I took the below picture about one month ago with a few of my best running girlfriends.  I told them about the product and gave them some samples to try for themselves. 

This race was my 6th half marathon.  It was a super hilly course on a very humid day!  My flavor of choice that morning was lemon-lime.  It tastes great and has just a subtle hint of flavor.  This race was a great one for me.  I truly believe that the extra push I got from drinking MeStrength throughout my race kept me going on a tough course!  

What makes MeStrength unique is two simple properties: creatine and electrolytes.  For our muscles to properly function during runs, these key ingredients are vital.  When our muscles fatigue their cells lose fluid.   These 5 electrolytes replenish the lost fluid to help us stay hydrated during our workouts and our muscles are less fatigued. 

MeStrength is also sugar-free and that is very important!  The concept is simple.  When an energy drink, or energy chew for example, uses sugar - that sugar uses energy.  Unfortunately, that sugar takes away from cells that really need that energy.  Consequently, it leeches fluid away from our muscles causing them to dehydrate.   Have you ever crashed during a race because you've only been fueling with high sugar fuels?  Gummy Bears anyone?  Because MeStrength is sugar-free, our cells are NOT inhibited and we can properly hydrate from the onset of exercise.   I'd say this is a pretty darn important part of why MeStrength is so great! 

This is me with a big smile at mile 14 of Grandma's Marathon!  I had just connected with my husband.  One bottle of MeStrength was gone and my reserve was ready!

Another fantastic property of MeStrength is creatine.   The creatine in the drink helps to increase muscle performance and decrease muscle soreness.  I ran my very first marathon fueled by MeStrength.  I was pleasantly surprised that on day two of recovery I was walking "normal."  I wasn't even using hand rails in the bathroom anymore.  You laugh....but we've all been there! 

MeStrength is easy to use.  Just mix one packet with 20 oz. of water!  I use it mostly during my long runs but have recently started drinking it after as well.  It's very convenient for me to mix up a packet after my run.  I'm already thirsty and the flavor just makes it so much better! 

Curious to try out this super drink for yourself?  MeStrength is offering a great discount through September 2016.  Get 25% off your own pack with CODE: "Bibchat716."  


  1. Okay, I ordered some! I hope I like it :)

  2. This is really interesting but is the opposite of everything I've learned about nutrition for racing! Glad it worked for you.

    1. MeStrengh is just a hydration product, not a race fuel. (No carbs, no fat, no protein = not fuel.) You should check out the Precision Nutrition articles on creatine for sports performance, and check out PubMed (there are 400+ published studies on the effects of creatine supplementation for athletic performance).