Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Five: Five CRAZY Sights Along Grandma's Marathon Course

One month ago, I became a marathoner.  It's actually hard to even believe it's true!
I wrote my blog post about it last week, but realized there were quite a few sights along the way that I just had to blog about.  Since I'm a first-timer linking up with Courtney, Cynthia and Mar for their Friday Five.... I thought this was the perfect time!

If you'd like to read my race recap here that would be great!  This post pokes a bit of fun at the sights I saw on the race course! Enjoy!

Let me begin by saying this was the most incredible experience of my life.  I am thankful that even in the heat, I was able to keep my wits about me and take in all the sights along they way!  

1:  Spectators were everwhere at the race.  Most were cheering loudly at the runners with encouraging words along the way.  A few in particular stood out.  At a few different points on the race  course, a few women had a small card table set up with the sign that said something like:  'Runner's Pharmacy:  Everything except weed.'  I thought this was very clever, hysterical and actually very helpful. I'm sure that they got many runners to partake in what they had a their table.  From what I glanced at they had bandaids, tyelnol, vaseline, water, sunscreen and much much more.  I absolutely should have used the sunscreen as I was completely burnt to a crisp.  Lesson learned on that one. 

The real magic started happening in the latter half of the race about mile 20.  That's about when everything started to go hazy.  Runners were delirious, the hot sun was ruthless, the finish line was close but yet so damn far away.  

2:  I poke fun at this next photo.  ONLY because had I NOT seen the photographer a few blocks before I approached, I would have looked horrible!! I put on my best face and smiled right at the photographer.  This photo is a lie. I was dying. 

It was so hot.  Black flag conditions.  This was just after mile 21 - the infamous lemon drop hill was ahead.  All I could think of was "Oh Shit, there's the hill."   A little over 2000 runners did not finish that day.  

3:  Bacon.  Did someone say bacon?  I love me some bacon.  Bacon fries. Bacon & Eggs. Bacon on my cheeseburger. Bacon on my cereal.  No... kidding.  Basically, bacon on everything.  

But, under NO circumstances do I want bacon at mile 21 of a marathon!  OMG!  Bless this man's heart.  He had a tent all set up and was frying pounds and pounds of bacon.  This is not a new thing for this race either.  He's been doing it for years.  But honestly, the smell of the bacon was nauseating.  I coudn't have imagined trying to eat a piece of bacon at mile 21.  I could barely gut down 1/4 of a banana!  

4: Another crazy sight were the troll dolls. You know the kind. Remember? The plastic, freaky-looking neon hair kind? When I was a kid I had tons of these little demon creatures. Between mile 21 and 22 they line the block! I bet there were 100 of these babies. Maybe more. Truly a sight! 

5: I save the best for last! At mile 23 the guy in front of me BONGED A BEER!! Yes... You heard that right! I could barely put one foot in front of the other and this guy bongs a beer?!?! Amazing! He must have had some crazy frank n' beans to have the guts to do that! The frat boys were going crazy. And.... I was too! Remarkable. Disgusting. Crazy. It sure made me laugh and all I could think about was FRANK THE TANK from the movie 'Old School' with Will Ferrell. If you haven't seen the movie it's great! One of my favorites! 

There was so much more to a memorable Grandmas Marathon weekend, but that's all for now! 

This was fun! Make sure to visit Courtney, Cynthia, and Mar!! 


  1. The trolls? OMG that's hilarious. I don't know how you remember this stuff--after mile 20, pretty much everything is a blur for me.

    There is NO WAY I could eat bacon that late in a race. And do a beer bong? I dont think I could do that even if I wasn't running. I'm such a dud.

  2. I actually had a lot of mental clarity that day. I think it's because I tried to stay so hydrated and walked as much as I needed.

  3. LOL I took a sip of beer once during a half and that was enough! It made the group cheer and it was a sip, I can not imagine a bong! LOL
    The trolls are freaky!!
    and oh your sunburn look so painful :( What a wild day!