Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Fifteen thoughts of an over-planning, type A, slightly obsessive-compulsive, runner-mom preparing for her first marathon.

It's been about 3 weeks since I had the courage to push the registration button for my very first marathon.  The 40th running of Grandma's Marathon will include me this year! 

I have conquered my fear of Golum. (Refer to my previous post) 

There are still so many thoughts rushing through my head about the upcoming 7 months before the big day.  So, with that my latest blog post.  

Fifteen thoughts of an over-planning, type A, slightly obsessive-compulsive, runner-mom preparing for her first marathon. 

1: How the H--E--double hockey sticks am I going to be able to run for 4 + hours? 

2: Duluth can be cold and windy in June.. I better start planning my outfit now. And.... It of course has to be cute. I mean.. It's my first marathon and they'll be lots of pictures. I can't have crazy clothes on. I'll look at the pictures forever. 

3:  Where will I run my 20 mile long runs? I can't possibly do the route I do every day! Maybe the cabin? No... It's too rural. What if I get abducted? 

4:  I better register for those half-marathons in the Spring so I can get race training in. But what if they are already full? 

5: How will I fuel for the marathon? Chews? Gu? Will they make me poop my pants? Yes... True story. I think about this. 

6: What if my stomach gives me issues during the run? Oh my god... Am I going to be one of those runners that just drops trow right on the side of the course? 

7:  I wonder if this race will have plastic or paper cups? 

8:  How will I ever have enough water?

9:  What will that finish line feel like? Will I collapse at the end?

10: Will my husband be able to track me? 

11: Does my current hydration belt hold my race fuel? 

12: Should I race in underwear? Yes... I think about this too! Apparently this is a trend I am unaware of. I've never been one to NOT wear underwear. Will it make me faster?

13: How many shoes should I train in? OH LORD!  I heard the Mizuno Wave Inspire 12's have a skinny toe box. I love my 10's.  What if they don't fit right? Can I find them on sale? They have to be a cool color too! (Even though I'm smart enough to realize comfort over style)

14: I wonder if it will rain? It seems to always rain at Grandmas. 

15: I wonder if it will be sunny? The race would be so great if it were sunny! 

Yes. I am a bit crazy. I do tend to over analyze which is why it's taken me so long to commit to the marathon. I will have many more pre-race thoughts. These are for now. Maybe more to come. 

Until then.. I'll try to remain calm and stay in my seat. 


  1. Wow good luck on your training. I totally understand about being obsessive compulsive especially when it comes to running. I think that is why I have not planned an marathons yet

    1. It's so true! I need to get the time goal out of my head and just go to finish!!

  2. LMAO! if I signed up I would be doing the same thing!
    Okay # 8 and 9 are what has worried me to no end...oh, and another injury so I still have not pressed the button and signed up for anything.
    Hubby should be able to track you, Grandma's is a huge race!
    You can do it!!

    1. Isn't it crazy what our brains do?? It's always on my mind. Hope your injury isn't too nagging.

  3. You can do this! If I'm feeling inspired, I may do this one in 2017...

  4. Good luck! I've done grandmas before as my first marathon. You're right, it's chilly that time of year and always seems to rain even if it's just a drizzle on the lake! Trust the training the entire time because there's no magic pace you hit where a marathon suddenly becomes "easy". It will hurt like hell. Remember why you wanted it and find the motivation you will need to press on when it gets hard. The course is a wonderful course for a first timer! Take advantage of all the free stuff and events that weekend. Most of all, have fun!!

  5. Haha - paper or plastic, underwear or no underwear. These are legit concerns. :)

    1. I know!!!! 😜 lol! Did I say I'm slightly obsessive compulsive?????

  6. Hahaha, my brain moves a mile a minute, just like yours!

    1. I seriously think about some of the most random things! :)

  7. Thoughts 5 and 6...omg- my thoughts whenever I'll be on a walk or run far away from home! Best of luck with your training :)