Thursday, September 4, 2014

BUT YOU CAN!!!! Don't let ANYONE tell you that you can't!!!

Hello Friends!

Today I dropped my son off at preschool in my workout clothes.  No shower, didn't brush my teeth, no makeup, "sweat-band" still slopped to my head, hair still wet from my run. ( that's what I call my awesome headband I wear while running to catch sweat.)

I realized two things today. The first one is that truly, REALLY no one but you really cares what you look like and if anyone would have given me a dirty look I would have said " did you bust your ass in 91% humidity and run 5 miles at 5 AM this morning? Nope, I didn't think so. :)  That's the look I'm going with today " :)  I might not have sounded so rude.   But, I felt really good about myself, dropping my kiddo at school and rockin' my sweaty self - even two hours later. 

Secondly, I was having a very nice talk with his teacher and she said, "Oh you're so lucky that you get to work out now before you go to work. "  To which I replied very nicely.... " Oh I was up at 4:50 AM and it's already done"  ( smile and laugh )  I'm up before the son and done before my kids even roll out of bed!  And, I have the out the door by 7 AM.  Her look of disbelief was priceless.  She said " Wow, that's amazing... I WISH I could do that "

BUT YOU CAN!!!  Don't let anyone tell you that you can't!  I used to say that there is NO way I can possibly get up that early to fit in a workout.  But there IS a way. I made the time and I couldn't be happier.  So, It's OFFICAL...... I'm no longer the woman who says what she said to me to other woman who bust their ass early mornings.  I can see the look on others' faces when they say it to me.  It was AWESOME!!!  And, may I note that in no way was his teacher being rude and I wasn't either we were just talking today.

I started my day off on the right foot with my fantastic running partner, had a great mid-morning chat with my son's teacher and the rest of the day stayed on the right foot!  Happy Thursday! 

NEVER GIVE UP and MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF.  Never feel guilty about making yourself better!

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