Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Run of the Mill 5K

Saturday I ran in our towns small 5K race called Run of the Mill 5K.  The weekend run kicks off the day of celebration and fundraising for our town.  It was beautiful outside.  Perfect running weather at 51 degrees and not a cloud in the sky! 

I am happy to say that I PR'ed at 24:20 - my goal was to finish in under 26:00 so I CRUSHED my goal.  There is no greater feeling than crossing the finish line at races with a PR.  The guy behind me in the blue hat actually came up to me after the race and said "Great Race - and Great Pace!"  He said he was following me the whole way and was using me as his pacer.  My pace was in the 7:50 range.  My first mile was 7:35 ( fastest mile I've ever run). Followed by an 8:05 / mile

The right pictures were taken by my husband and the right picture was me getting a glimpse of my two cutie pies watching mama run past them!  On the way back they came out and gave me high fives!

This race is one I will remember for while and is going on my PR chalkboard.  ( I don't have a PR chalk board yet )  But Pinterest gives me great ideas and I have a crafty husband who will hopefully make me one! :)  Maybe I'll get a picture of that up soon.

Next up:  10K Saturday, Sept. 20th.  at the Walker North Country Marathon!!

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