Sunday, February 28, 2016

Itty-bitty Muscles, Early Mornings & Chaffing: Week 3 Marathon Training

Week Three - Grandma's Marathon Training

It's been a different week for me.  Not a bad week.  Actually, a lot has been going on.  However, most of the week I've felt like this:
Yup - you guessed it.  I want to eat everything in sight.  I've had pizza 4 times this week!!  4!  That's crazy!!  Who does that??  Apparently,  I do.   I'm chalking it up to all the mileage and tough workouts.  I'm pushing my body to limits they haven't reached before.  The sad part is, I don't crave strawberries and salads.  Twinkies, ho ho's, chips, cookies.  Just give me all the food.

Day One:  Sprints.  0.4 mile sprints 2:51 per lap.  They were insanely hard, but in the end I really love sprints. Finished the day out with about 6.5 miles.

Day Two:  Nice run to loosen up the legs after the hard sprint day on Monday.  Nothing too exciting with this workout.

Day Three:  Tempo run....and for the added "fun" of it, my trainer added in extra hills.

I hate tempo runs.  I'm having trouble keeping pace up and feeling fatigued during them, add in the extra hills and I'm spent.  But, I'm up for the challenge and I HATE to fail, so I don't allow myself to. I get the run done, whine a little about it later and then revel in the fact that I conquered the beast that is the tempo run.

Last week my tempo run was from hell; deep inside the depths of hell with fire burning everywhere.  This run wasn't that bad. Close. But, not as bad.

Day Four:  Running rest day.  I did get to the gym for some upper body strength training.  Do you see those itty-bitty muscles?  They're coming and I couldn't be prouder of them.

I have never been strong.  Until about 4 weeks ago,  I couldn't even do a "regular" push-up.  I'm happy to say I can do 45 total in three reps. 10 are the regular plank style!  BAM!  I've been consistent with my push-ups about every other day.  Unfortunately, I don't get to the gym too often to lift, but I'm trying to make it more of a priority.

Day Five:  Here's where the chaffing comes in.  4:20 am wake-up call.  11 miles on tap. The route was hilly for an extra added challenge during the run.  We went up "the beast."  It's nearly 1/2 mile up and ridiculous.  It seemed a bit better than I had imagined, but we never really have a reason to venture that far away from our normal route.  Today, we did.  My friend Heather and I were virgins of "the beast."  Susan sang Madonna's song "Like a Virgin" as we trampled up it.  Have to have a little fun every now and then. 

For some reason, my entire foot went numb for 3 miles.  At one point, I thought maybe I'd have to stop running to work it out, but I kept on and it eventually went away.  I'm glad the long run is over. 

And... then there's the chaffing.  OH.MY.GOD.  I have the WORST chaffing on my ASS!  Seriously?  I cannot believe it.  It hurts so bad I could cry and just walking or sitting makes it burn.  No pain - No gain.  Or, something like that.  I guess I could be losing a toenail.  I'd rather have ass chaffing.

Another really cool mail day for me this week too.  I'm a BibRave Pro, and with that comes the opportunity to test awesome products.  My merino wool buff came and it's awesome.  I've worn it so far on runs and for casual.  You can see it above.  I used it as a neck warmer today.  I've worn it as a headband and I've also worn it as a scarf for everyday.  It's a great go-to piece and I know I will be using it at TON.  Thank you BUFF and Bibrave! 

Here are my STATS:

29 miles
3169 calories burned
4.2 hours
5 workouts

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  1. wow it sounds you had such a productive week. OMG Chaffing sucks.

    1. I didn't know I could rash there... THAT's for sure!

  2. Ass chafing? I know a little bit about that...ouch...

    Looks like a great week. And 45 push ups? You're doing awesome!

  3. Ha! I know this is TOO much TMI, but I think it's from my panty-liners. I may have to start going commando. Cortisone cream all week. :(

  4. Great week of workouts! Marathon training hunger is insane. I'm training for a half now and it's a bit easier to control but I definitely have days where I want all the food!

  5. I am totally with you on the dislike for tempo runs. I think I'm just not mentally tough enough to do the sustained suffering for a workout. In a race I've got the stimulus of a race to keep me going. I find shorter, harder intervals to be much easier. And yeah, eating all the food is a definite side effect of endurance training. Have a great week!

  6. I used to hate tempo runs but now they are my favourite workout. I've had ass chafing. And boob chafing. THE. WORST. I have two words for you: Body Glide. Seriously. Get some. Put it everywhere and anywhere that rubs. I just got a merino wool buff as well and I love it!

  7. Sounds like a tough week but you rocked it. Of course you want all the food. Now go stock up on that Body GLide!

  8. Great week of workouts. I also find tempo runs really hard, dread them, but am happy to complete them if that makes sense. I also find track workouts difficult, but for some reason those seem to be a bit more fun. Sorry about the chaffing but I think slatthering on the Body Glide might help.

  9. I have worn the wrong undies and chaffed myself sort of in that area- ouch!!
    You are getting rungry!! Doesn't it suck we never crave broccoli!! I love food lol
    and that CAT- omg, so true..I have thought often...
    Great week! Good luck running the beast.

  10. There is nothing wrong with HoHos (HaHa). And let's not talk about tacos, especially of the fish or shrimp variety. I have to say I haven't experienced ass chafing. Knock.On.Wood. Hope that heals very soon! Those hills workouts are crazy insane. You'll be eating Grandma's Marathon for breakfast. Thanks for linking with us Gina.