Wednesday, February 17, 2016

It's Not All Unicorns and Rainbows!

It's NOT all unicorns and rainbows in Minnesota today! 

This is me, post run, lucky to be alive!  Okay, so yes I'm being a little dramatic, but today's run sucked!  Not just hand-held vac sucked, like HOOVER sucked!   My motivation was low, it was bitterly cold, my legs were tired, my fingers were frozen, my core was cold, I was huffing and puffing and the run just plain sucked!

Stats:  6.6 miles @ 8:22/mile.  Just looking at them, I actually think - Woah!  I nailed that "push-the-pace" marathon training run!  And, in actuality, I was surprised to see that number on the Garmin when I finished. 

It was 11 degrees today. Thankfully, there was very little wind, but it felt bitterly cold.  It was strangely cold out and so quiet.  At about mile 2, I lost my running group.  Not entirely of course, I could still see them in the distance.  However, I was so far behind, I barely saw the lights blinking on their arms. 

This was frustrating in itself because I was mad I couldn't keep up.  Instead of dwelling on that fact, I decided to focus on steady breathing through my nose and I listened closely to my footsteps.  This meditation of sorts helped me get out of my head and calm my thoughts.

But, here are a few thoughts during that dreadful 6.6 miles today.

  1. Good God, when will this end?
  2. It's so cold, why do I live in this state?  Really? Why?
  3. But, then if I didn't live in MN, we wouldn't have our awesome cabin on the lake.
  4. I can't feel my fingers.  But, hey at least my feet aren't cold.
  5. Another hill?
  6. Damn it's dark out.
  7. Why did I wear this jacket? It doesn't wick my sweat and now I'm wet.  Note to self: Never again.
  8. I have ice on my eyelashes. Oooh! That will make a great post-run selfie!
  9. What will I have for breakfast?
  10. Is this run done yet?
  11. My ass is cold, why is my ass so cold? Oh yeah... because it's 11 degrees outside.
  12. Will this winter ever end?
  13. I wish I was still laying in bed.
  14. I have 13 miles on tap for my long run on Friday, maybe I can find a half marathon to run instead?  Then at least I get a medal for my efforts. :)
I have to laugh at some of these.  I made sure to write most of them down after my run just so I wouldn't forget.   Usually, my mind is fairly blank when I run. I try to focus on my next landmark goal or the end of the street, so I stay fairly grounded. 

Today, the run got the best of me.  Tomorrow is a new day.  I'm done dwelling.  Thank you to my awesome friends on social media for picking me up out of my slump and making me realize I still got it done!  I truly love you all!


  1. I waited to run after work. 32 glorious degrees in LaCrosse. Ran in shorts. Can't wait for the weekend!

    1. La Crosse? I'm from there. Born and raised. My family still lives there! What a small world!

  2. Awwww! You know some of it is that mental thing, just falling little behind, it'll mess you! I have been there. Tell them to wait up lol every day can't be "killing it" pace ;)

    1. Thanks Karen! Tomorrow is 13 miles at 4:30 am so here's to hoping for warm temps and a good run! :)

  3. You are a beast doing these cold runs!
    Some days, it just aint gonna be the best ... there's always tomorrow :)

  4. Your brain kind of works like mine does during a run :) We have been so lucky in Kansas with the warmer weather these last 2 weeks...hopefully Minnesota follows suite very soon! Until then...just remember...spring is on its way!