Tuesday, August 25, 2015

BuluBox Bonus??!? Or BuluBox Bust??!?

A few weeks ago I was selected to review Bulu Box. If you're not familiar with what Bulu Box is you've come to the right place. My honest review follows. 

Bulu Box is a monthly subscription box that includes 4-5 samples of fitness and nutrition samples. There are two options; the Bulu Box Original includes items related to health and fitness. There is also the Bulu Box Weightloss box that includes all samples for Weightloss. I received my bright orange box last week and have devoted some time this week to testing out its contents. As you can see, I was excited to receive it and couldn't wait to look inside.

DISCLAIMER:  I received the BuluBox FREE in exchange for my review.  This post is strictly my opinion. :)

In my box were five samples. Clockwise from top left: Earths Care Anti-itch Cream, Simply Bean dietary supplement, Moveit Energy Gummies, Runa Ginger-citrus Guayusa Tea and Fusion Jerky in Lemon Pepper flavor. 

The concept of the box is great.  I find it convenient to have a one stop shop where you can sample different products  to see which ones you really like.  Oftentimes, I want to try something but don't want to buy a full size product and then be disappointed if I don't like it. With Bulu Box every month you get to try the hottest new health and fitness products. How great is that?  

Another cool perk with Bulu Box is the review program that each customer can participate in.  Once you receive your samples, simply go to Bulu Box and review the item. Each review earns you 10 points. 10 points = $1. The more you review products, the more money you earn toward any products you'd like to purchase in the full size format.  There are also other easy ways to earn credit toward full size product. Check out www.bulubox.com for more ways to earn them.   I love getting a deal so the review program is right up my alley!!

In addition to the review program offered to offset the cost of full size product, I was pleasantly surprised at the subscription options and price. For ONLY $10 a month you can try out Bulu Box. That's less than one lunch out on most days and there's something about the surprise of what may be inside that intrigued me.  You can decide to subscribe month-to-month or in 3,6 or 12 month increments. I would personally sign up with month-to-month only because you can cancel anytime and there is no obligation.  However, if you use code SWEATPINK you get 50% off a 3- month subscription.  That's only $15 for three boxes!  You can't go wrong.  You'll get a great sampling and can decide if you want to keep receiving the orange boxes in the mail!  Who doesn't like goodies at their doorstep?

My favorite sample of the Bulu Box  I received was the Fusion Jerky. It appears to be a full size bag and everyone I shared it with raved about the taste! Way to go Fusion Jerky and Bulu Box.

Unfortunately, I would not buy any of the other products in this box.  One item out of five isn't too bad though...and at $10 a box you don't feel like you're breaking the bank.

For me personally, the sampling size of the products I received was not adequate to really dive into an opinion on if I really liked a product or not.  I do think that the samples need to be larger for optimal review.  For example, it's hard to know if an energy chew really worked with only one package.   But, the beauty of Bulu Box is that you always have next months box to discover something new that you love!! 

Overall, I would say Bulu Box is a BONUS! It's low cost makes it affordable for everyone and there are great perks that earn you cash with the review program. 


You receive 50% your first 3-month subscription. So why not start?!? Give it a shot! That's 3 months for $15!! Just use code SWEATPINK at checkout for your discount.  I say give it a try!! 


  1. that's a great price to give it a try... I'm clicking over right now

    1. I think it's kind of fun for sure! And $15 for three months is hardly a bust if it's not your fave! 😜

  2. Wow, you got a totally different box than me! I would have liked that jerky... But I did love the protein powder! I will buy that one!

  3. The jerky was pleasantly surprising for sure!!