Sunday, May 31, 2015

Today I was a spectator.

For the first time today I went to a race to be a spectator. My friend Amanda and her boyfriend Jeff were running their first marathon. 

The Minneapolis Marathon was beautiful today. I grabbed my two little boys and all of their toy band items. I mean.... As a spectator you need to make all the noise possible right? We had a tambourine, maracas, a flapper and two drumsticks. We were a three man band.  Actually... I really think the runners appreciated it because I felt this marathon was rather quiet in the cheering department. 
We jumped in the mix at mile 18. There was a convenient turn around at my 19 or so snd we were able to see our friends twice; lending support and cheer two times! 

At mile 20 I ran about a block with Amanda. Hoping that the little extra boost would send her just a bit further.  She looked great! I was so happy to be there for her. 

After she passed us at mile 20, we headed to the finish line. We packed up our red wagon and hurried as fast as we could. Thank goodness for the red wagon or my kids would never have made it! 

At the finish line we were able to cheer her on as she crossed that beautiful finish line of her first marathon! Jeff had finished about 45 minutes before her so he was there too! 

She did it. All the hard work and training. She is inspiring. I am happy I was able to share that moment with her!  

I will definitely watch an event again. Of course I was green with envy. But someday I will complete that marathon of my own!! 

Great work Amanda!!


  1. Awesome! Looks like they had a great day :) Congratulations!
    I still need to accomplish this goal.

  2. Me too! I'm scared actually. I'm finding it hard to train past a half due to my time constraints. Someday!!!

    1. It does take some time! and I never made it race day. I got my stress fracture along the way so I am scarred to end up hurt. I have to know...I am just about three months out of my boot and I still feel soreness in that area, did you have that?

    2. Hi there! When I had my stress fracture, I had a HUGE knot just below my right knee on the left side ( about the level of the top of my calf muscle on the front of my leg ). My stress fracture was low - lower left anterior tibia. That's why doc said he knew I had a stress fracture because my pain was so localized to that knot. It was horrible with walking after my race for about a week. During that time, I did have minor shin tenderness on both legs - it didn't cause me to have pain while running. I do not have the knot anymore and it has not redeveloped. I do occasionally have shin tenderness when I run my hands down the front of my leg and I just massage that with my fingers. I have cut down my mileage and I am running smarter. About 20-25 miles per week. No more than 5 days. Usually just 4 days. If I have any soreness that seems like it's out of the ordinary, I roll and take a day or two off. I hope that this helps.

    3. Yes, thanks :) I get nervous when I get sore, but it would be impossible not to have some, right. Mine was very low on Tibia also, so the doc said it's vulnerable. I think 4 days a week sounds like a good plan, that's what I am hoping i can maintain soon.

  3. Aww fun!!!