Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sucktastic! My body needs a rest!

This has been a rough start to the week. I'm not going to lie.  I was sick for about 10 days and I am struggling to get back on track!  Which leads me to this face below! :(
I run with great friends who have increased my pace from a 10:00/mile to around 8:30 consistently. For awhile I was even doing 8:20/mile and had a 5K PR at 24:15.  This week I've absolutely dreaded, I MEAN DREADED the thought of running at 5AM.  My alarm rings at 4:50 and I cringe.  I can't catch my breath, my legs feel like they have cinder blocks hooked to them and I'm exhausted.  ( my husband thinks at 6 days per week, I'm running too much )  Maybe he's right?!?  I'm telling myself that it's not true and I will bounce back.  However........

I guess I should listen to my body and rest.  So, a MUCH NEEDED rest day....or two.... are in order for me.  I race on Sunday and I cannot wait to set a PR!!  10 miles. I need to be motivated and not my grumpy self!  It is supposed to be a beautiful 50 degrees in Minnesota with partly cloudy skies and I want those 300,000 spectators cheering to help motivate me. I will not back down for a fantastic race! 

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  1. It always helps to have 300,000 people yelling for you :)
    Its hard to come back from a sickness... don't be hard on yourself about that